The Boutique Vibe


About Us

We are a collection. We select small, independently managed hotels, striving to deliver a unique, sustainable experience to each of their guests while preserving their traditional Mediterranean character.

We know how difficult it is to find what a traveller truly wants today. We know how challenging it is to go through hundreds of pages, reviews and ratings. We know that no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to get a true picture of what the hotel offers – that authentic local dish, the owner’s story and background, the name of the dog sitting next to the fireplace every night, the details about how the handymen worked with sustainable and local material and the hand-picked décor with items that have a story of their own.

Mainstream websites will not tell you that. We are on a mission that extends all the way from the centre of Athens to the mountains of Lebanon, the beaches of Tunisia and the wineries of France. A mission to find those amazing small hotels, tell their story and connect them with curious customers, irrespective of preferences and budgets.

What do we stand for ?

Our mission is to promote Mediterranean hospitality at its most authentic form.
Our areas of focus are:

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Handpicked hotels

We partner exclusively with small independent properties with unique character.
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Authentic experiences

Our partner hotels are assessed by travel professionals and like-minded travelers.
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Local flavours

Each one of our partner hotels comes with an amazing story and local tips for a truly unforgettable stay
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Sustainable focus

We are on the lookout for the most environmentally friendly & sustainable hotels.

The team behind TBV

The Boutique Vibe was created when two seasoned travel professionals met in 2017.

They had both spent most of their professional careers, working for large airlines & travel-technology companies, traveling around the world, staying at branded hotel chains, paying top rates and getting “standardized” services, whilst, their most memorable stays were always offered by “unknown” small independent hotels.


So, one night back in 2018 they wondered…where and how to find different hotel options?

How can a small hotel gain visibility in the current cluttered global landscape?
How can they present their real value proposition while preserving their identity?

It is not a fair fight, is it?


By launching The Boutique Vibe, they are embracing the opportunity to step in, and enable like-minded small independent hotels around the Mediterranean
Sea better compete and grow. The Boutique Vibe is not a subscription portal. It is not an advertising company and it’s not a travel agent.

The Boutique Vibe is a platform that small independent hotels can use to better market and distribute their offering, leverage on technology and stay-up-to date.