Can I travel to Malta?

September 27, 2021

Last Update: 27 September 2021

Partially open

Mostly not required

Open with safety measures

We understand how confusing travelling in the “Covid era” can be and that many of us are craving some vacation. That’s why after months of confusion and staying at home, we are sharing with you our “Can I travel to Malta” advice.

What about going to a dream island with underwater caves, medieval temples, and charming old architecture? Malta, a real treasure of the Mediterranean, has many safety measures in force but is gradually lessening measures.

Up to date travel regulations in Malta​

Entry restrictions depend on whether the traveller is coming from a country that is included among Malta’s corridor countries.

  • Malta travel restrictions, to and from abroad, continues to be based on lists of countries for which different measures are in rule. You can learn about those groups here.
  • More about entry rules for each group of countries here.
  • From August 2021 only fully vaccinated passengers are allowed to enter Malta without restrictions. Others have to quarantine. 
  • Travellers outside of the EU can enter coming from Maltas corridor countires.
  • Travellers from Red zone countries in order to enter must spend at least 14 days in one of the safe corridor countries prior to their arrival.

Should I plan a summer holiday in Malta?

Here the answer is YES! Malta announced a timeline for exit from partial lockdown. The archipelago is continuously lessening safety measures. Malta is reopened for tourists since the 1st of June 2021.

Is it safe to travel to Malta? Can I travel to Malta?​

The Island of Malta applies many health measures minding the safety of everyone. In the response to lessing in a number of Covid cases, the country introduced a reopening plan.

When it comes to specific safety measures:

  • Restaurants and snack bars can accommodate guests until 2 am.
  • Band Clubs and Culture Clubs can host a maximum of 6 people per table. Alcohol can only be served through table service if food is ordered.
  • Pools and gyms can reopen.
  • Groups of up to 6 people will be allowed in public.
  • Cinemas & museums & theatres are open with safety measures and capacity limitations. 
  • Bars are open following the restaurants’ protocol.
  • Masks in public places are required.  

Where to travel these days?​

Looking for your next travel destination? Stay up to date with travel restrictions and don’t stress, we got you covered!

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