A collection of hotels brings together a selection of independent properties, without impacting their one-of-a-kind character. The collection of hotels curate their selection based on specific criteria. The Boutique Vibe is a collection of handpicked small, independently managed hotels, striving to deliver a unique, sustainable experience to each of their guests while preserving their traditional Mediterranean character.

A boutique hotel is a small hotel that is one-of-a-kind in terms of its services, design, and character. You will not find a standard set of criteria defining what is a boutique hotel, though. You would usually be referred to their intimate scale, which provides a personal touch to every stay. A boutique hotel and is often tailored to its location and culture to create a truly special experience for its guests.

The boutique hotel is a luxurious home away from home – a place where high standards prevail, where décor is lovingly designed by local creatives and food sustainably sourced from local farmers, fishermen and markets. Boutique hotels don’t just offer a building with rooms – there’s an inspiration, a dream to fulfil and an entire backstory behind it.

For proprietors of these small and friendly hotels, their venture isn’t just about profit. It’s about creating the ultimate guest experience. Individually-styled suites, chic facilities, stylish communal areas, innovative menus which cater to specific dietary requirements and unique VIP excursions to places only locals know.

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A guesthouse is a private house that has been converted to offering hospitality services. The “official” classification may differ as you travel from one country to another.

The main difference between a guesthouse and a boutique hotel is that a guesthouse usually has fewer rooms, and the owner of the house usually lives there as well. Guesthouses and boutique hotels in The Boutique Vibe Collection offer upper-scale services and care about the experience of every guest.

At The Boutique Vibe, we welcome your feedback on the hotels in our collection but also your recommendations about other boutique hotels. Please send your feedback to [email protected].

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We use symbols of Mediterranean nature – Thyme, Citrus, Fig and Olive to indicate hotels sustainability (by growing order), based on our observations and information provided by owners

We evaluate the eco-friendliness of the building and its operations. We also pay great attention to the owners’ effort to preserve the local heritage and support local economies.

You can read more about what makes a sustainable hotel. 

We believe your journey with the hotel should start with the booking. At The Boutique Vibe, we prefer to channel the booking requests to the hotels: we also believe that booking directly with hotels’ websites helps them to save on commissions, which is an effective way of supporting them.


Booking directly with The Boutique Vibe’s hotels offers you the chance to have a better, more customized, and personal service from the start, giving you better value for money. Booking directly with the hotel shows your support to the small and independent hotels. We believe this is a first step towards a more responsible way of travelling.

The Boutique Vibe is a collection of boutique hotels around the Mediterranean with strong values based on human dimensions, high-quality service, and respect for nature and culture.

We work in close partnership with our hotels, and we support them by highlighting small and quality accommodation of countries in this region and emphasizing the promotion of “unknown” areas and off-the-beaten-track experience across the Mediterranean.

At The Boutique Vibe, we select hotels according to strong brand pillars, which stand for Boutique, Local, Independent, Sustainable, and Small. We also research past guest experiences and comments on their stays on hotel and travel websites, but also other professional reviews to get an overall feel for the guest experience.

The collection is characterized by small independent boutique hotels or guesthouses around the Mediterranean with unique character as well as local and sustainable features.

The Boutique Vibe is always open to enrich the collection, and suggestions are more than welcome. If you think a hotel should be in our collection, send us an email at [email protected]

Every hotel description on The Boutique Hotel showcases the experience that you will live there. For the score, we combine our own reviews with past guest experiences and comments they share with us and online on Trip Advisor, Booking.com, Expedia and Google.