Insider guide to Andros

June 5, 2020

Andros is not a famous touristic destination. It’s a haven for those seeking an authentic Greek island experience. It combines the rich, and captivating culture, of the Cyclades with the Mediterranean charm, just an hour away from Athens. The island has a long maritime tradition. For years, the people of Andros have a relationship with the sea, and the island is home to some of the most influential and powerful Greek shipowner families. It is very easy to find locals all over the island and it is even easier to connect with them. Enjoy as much as you can their friendly tips and little stories about the island and its history.

Take your time walking along the main street of the Chora

Take your time walking along the main street of the old town of Chora. Look for the hidden spots gasping the imposing neoclassical architecture, the grand churches and the quaint cobblestone alleys. Raise your eyes above the local stores, you will see the balconies of vintage mansions taking over the island. Since you are in the city centre, make sure to visit the Agios Georgios church. It’s an architectural piece of art designated with minimal Aegean blue and white architecture.

If you get hungry while wandering around, then head to Ta Skalakia restaurant. You have to try their Fourtalia – Special Greek omelette with eggs, sausages and potatoes – made with local fresh products along.

Yet, if you are craving Mediterranean Seafood, I would advise you to get a table at The Binelikia restaurant. It’s a great authentic tavern with an astonishing sea view that serves the best grilled sea bass. After lunch, it is certainly time for the classic sweets of Andros. So head straight to Patisserie Lygizos and ask for their “Amygdaloto” which is made from sugar and almond or Kalitsounia – made of walnut, pine nut and honey.

Andros also features some distinguished historical and architectural landmarks. You would be surprised with Kairios Library, which holds around 60000 volumes of rare publications, manuscripts and archives. Also, make sure to stop by the castle and from there you can spot Faro Tourlitis, the island’s most famous lighthouse built on stones.

A journey to Batsi to enjoy the beach among the locals

Of course, I wouldn’t leave you without talking about the beaches. We are on a stunning Greek island after all!

Join the local youth, and visiting Athenians, to one of the many beach bars across Batsi. You will find them sunbathing and enjoying a morning coffee or afternoon cocktail at Kampos or Kaliva Beach Bar. You could also enjoy a lovely swim and sunbathe in its golden sand at Delavoyas beach. It is located a little to the South of Batsi town.

Picnic by the fairy Pithara Waterfall

My preference would go to grabbing a fresh traditional bread from Georgiou Garyfallou bakery along with some Kopanisti and a bottle of Sinetiano wine. Then follow the signposted path from the centre of Apikia village to get to Pithara Waterfall where you can enjoy your delicious treats in peace in a place that locals call fairyland.

French it up the Greek way!


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