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Route de Chick Yahia, Djerba 4185, Tunisia
Route de Chick Yahia, Djerba 4185, Tunisia

At Dar Chick Yahia, a traditional house opens its doors to visitors for a journey of retreat and discovery!

Painted in white and blue lime, Dar Chick Yahia, has the authentic charm of traditional Djerba houses. The Houch, has arched doors overlooking a vast central patio and an Andalusian-style water fountain. The guesthouse has a down-to-earth village charm, yet is rich in Southern culture, from the artisanal birdcages to the clay flower containers and the pottery, even the klims (handmade wool Tunisian rugs), are all made by local artisans a few miles from here, in Guellela.

When you wander around the terrace, the local plants surrounding the large pool and the hammock hanging in the shade will whisper stories of seclusion and quiet. You can relax on the lounge chairs and sunbathe, walk to the untouched beach of fine sand with Vic, the owner’s friendly dog, Gaze out at the sun setting upon the sea, with an apéritif in your hand. Whether you are craving a fancy meal, missing the crowds, or dreaming of some adventure, Manuel, your passionate host is here to help. He is extremely caring and gets very involved in the local community, meaning he can give you spot-on recommendations, arrange for cultural or adventure activities or even cook a yummy dinner.

Staying in Dar Chick Yahia is an escape from the hustle of the city surrounded by authenticity, calm and natural beauty.
Property Type
Rooms: 4 Rooms

What we liked the most

  • Watching the sunset melting into the sea while sitting in the terrace
  • The authentic traditional architecture in a renovated house
  • The intimate setting as every room has its own private entry and terrace
  • Unique access to an untouched beach of fine sand

Discover the rooms

The rooms preserve the authenticity of traditional Tunisian houses in their simplicity and attention to detail. The five rooms reflect the sense of hospitality and ease that the owner wants to provide, with the traditional wooden bed base, the high-quality mattresses and linen, the artisanal carpets, and the locally designed curtains.

Every room has plenty of space for seating and storage with wardrobes and dressing rooms as well as an authentically designed bathroom equipped with a hairdryer, fresh towels, and toiletries. The rooms are air-conditioned, with the particularity of not having TV sets as Manuel wants to keep his guests more focused on nature and landscapes. However, the WIFI to guarantee your connection with your loved ones.

Suite 2 bedrooms
4 guests
2 bedrooms
Sea view

In a white large studio with locally designed tableaux and artisanal decors, you can find two separate bedrooms with either a double queen sized-bed or two single beds, a sofa to relax, and a traditional bathroom with Italian-style shower. If you open the private entry to the terrace, you will get yourself an exclusive view to the beautiful beach, so get yourself a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the serenity.

The Rooms also features:


Premium bedding, blackout curtains, free toiletries, Hair dryer, and air conditionning

As a couples gateway spot, you will most likely enjoy staying in this room with its simple minimalistic decor yet attractive atmosphere and coziness. The room contains a double bed (or two single beds) a typically traditional bathroom with an Italian-style shower. You also have the luxury of enjoying the mesmerizing view of the sunset kissing the ocean from the comfort of your own terrace in a romantic set.

The Rooms also features:


Premium bedding, blackout curtains, free toiletries, Hair dryer, and air conditionning

Services and facilities

  • Daily maid service
  • Local excursions
  • Luggage storage
  • High Speed Wi-Fi
  • Air conditioning

  • Non smoking rooms
  • Open-floor property
  • Outdoor pool
  • Patio
  • Public beach
  • Terrace
  • Family rooms
  • Garden
  • Lounge

Taste the flavours

Breakfast, Table d'hôte and more


While staying at Dar Chick Yahia, you can wake up to a real morning treat with fresh fruits and eggs your way. Have your preferred hot drink with croissants and bread that are ordered specially for the guesthouse, local fig jam, biscuits and delicious Tunisian dates.

Table d'hôte...

Upon request, the house cook can prepare a three-course Tunisian meal using delicate olive oil from local farms. Get ready for authentic home-cooked flavours from Omak Houriya -an appetizer made with carrots- to couscous, Djerbian Rice or grilled fish freshly caught fish from local fishermen. Tunisian delicateness or seasonal fruits will conclude your meal.

And More...


Moreover, if you want to cook on your own or prepare some takeaways for a cozy family picnic outside, the kitchen is accessible for guests in an attempt to make you feel comfortable and at home.

Explore the location

Dar Chick Yahia is a perfect getaway to connect with nature and the virgin scenery as only sands and palms surround the property. A beautiful beach is few steps away from the back door of the guesthouse.

A few hundred meters away, you can find one of the oldest mosques in Djerba, the Ibadi Mosque Bardaoui, a historical site most known for its underground architecture.
Djerba’s touristic attractions and lively areas of are just 20 minutes ride away from the property. Manuel has agreements with local drivers and can order a taxi for you (factor in 15-20 minutes in advance) and  you will be able to explore Houmet Souk, Guellala, the potters village or Erriadh the typical Jewish quarter with the amazing Djerbahood artworks.

The property is also 15-20 from Djerba Airport and just 10min from the Ajim port,  where a bac links the island to the mainland.

Manuel may offer to take you on a tour with his vehicle to Chenini, a preserved ruined Berber Village in the south of Tunisia and to the Star Wars set about 2 hours away from the guesthouse.
Explore the area like a local

Focus on sustainability

Like the fig tree roots, the property is constantly addressing many sustainable tourism areas and excelling in most fields.

  • The building restoration preserved the traditional Houch architecture which makes the best of the local climate:
    The interior patio optimizes room’s natural lightning; the think stone walls act as a natural insulator…
  • Dar chick Yahia is 100% self-sufficient for electricity during its operating period (solar panels)
  • The property is decorated with vintage or locally hand-made items.
  • Manuel, the owner, is very actively involved in environmental initiatives and acts to promote the independent hospitality structures in the South of Tunisia.