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Italy is the photogenic landscapes of the Amalfi coast, Florence’s galleries, Milan’s fashion, Sicily’s picturesque villages, Rome’s cobbled streets and much more. Whether you are after nature, adventure, culture or gastronomy, Italy has it all. Make the most of this endless potential of experiences with our selection of boutique hotels in Italy.

When to go?

Italy has something to offer all year round, but spring and fall are the best seasons to visit. At these times of the year, the weather is temperate and warm, so you can explore its winding streets in old towns and sunbathe on the beach without shielding yourself away from the sun. You’re just in time for the pretty Infiorata Festival if you visit in May and June. You will find beautiful art created with flowers and petals in all shapes and vibrant hues. You will also be taken back in time in June when the annual Battle of the Bridge commences in Pisa. Watch as the residents clad in 18th-century clothing are split into two teams by this historic event, aiming to take control of the enemy’s side of the Ponte di Mezzo bridge. In fall, you can experience Italy’s culinary excellence at the International Alba White Truffle Fair, and you can ski in the Dolomitic Alps in winter.

Practical tips

Italian. English is usually understood.
Currency is EURO. You can find ATM in the big cities, towns but not necessary villages. Paying with card is widely used.
You can easily rent a car and a bike or use taxi for short distances. Public transport is also developed, there are high-speed intercity trains and buses between cities and regions.
Traditional cuisine is Italian that is widely based on ingredients such as tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, local cheeses, wheat and all kinds of meat/fish. Each region has different delicious specialties to offer.
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Do & See: What to Expect in Italy

As the birthplace of the renaissance, Italy is a country rich in history, culture, and art. It is home to many architectural wonders, and they are truly a sight. You can visit the Greek and Roman temples and transport yourself to the days of Gods and Heroes, or you can admire the spectacular artworks in majestic basilicas and let them take your breath away. You cannot mention Italy without mentioning its delicious food. Pasta, pizza, ravioli and all your favourite dishes originated here, and it is in Italy you can taste them in their best and most authentic flavours

Italy also has lots to offer for outdoor lovers. Go off the beaten path to the waters south of Rome and explore the sunken ancient city of Baia, or you can kayak along the coast of Naples and take in the view of the Faraglioni di Capri and the deep blue Tyrrhenian Sea.


Finest boutique hotels in Italy

Locanda Al Colle

Locanda Al Colle

Italy, Tuscany
Casa Howard

Casa Howard

Italy, Tuscany
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