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Provence is a heady mix of the old and new. Market stalls line cobbled streets, paveside cafes serve fresh, local cuisine and scented lavender fill the air from nearby fields. The French Riviera is a short drive away, but if you’re seeking authenticity, peace and tranquillity, our boutique hotels in Provence will tick all the boxes.

When to go?

It's easy to think of Provence as a summer destination. Stunning coastlines and endless vineyards give the perfect ambience for long strolls and sampling local wines. And it's impossible to miss the lavender fields, looking like a fairy tale of purple hues set against rolling green hills. However, along with endless hot days of July and August, you'll find the crowds. French holidaymakers swarm to Provence, and once quiet villages are bursting with tourists. For many, the best time to explore Provence is just outside the summer season, in April and May or September and October. Cooler weather makes for ideal wanderings, and quaint villages are reunited with their charm. In spring, wildflowers dot the hillsides and vibrant scents waft through the air. In fall, autumn colours paint their way across the landscapes. For those who don't mind dawning a winter jacket, the Christmas markets of Provence are sure to fill you with childhood joy.

Practical tips

French. English is spoken at well-known attractions, restaurants and hotels as well as commonly in the capital city – Paris.
The currency is EURO. You can find ATMs in most of the places with exception of villages. Paying with a card is a popular option – most international credit cards are widely used.
You can easily rent a car, a driver or use a taxi for smaller distances. You can also use trains and buses. Arles, Avignon, and Nimes are connected by trains only 25 minutes apart.

Book a trusted local driver to pick you up and introduce you to the destination, pre-order travel essentials, and get all your questions answered before or during the trip.

Traditional cuisine is French. Widely used are fresh local ingredients like olives, tomatoes, wild herbs or anchovies. Provence is famous for bouillabaisse, tapenade, ratatouille, aioli, omelette aux truffes, and many more… Bon apetit!
Hi, thanks, bye
Salut, Merci, Au revoir

Do & See: What to Expect in Provence

There's no doubt you'll feel like you've stepped into a Van Gogh painting, with colourful hues dancing across the landscapes and small towns filled to the brim with charm. To get a full grasp of the diverse landscapes, it's best to rent a car for at least 3 to 5 days and drive from coast to mountains with plenty of stops along the way. If you're one for elegant cities and bustling coastal towns, head to the French Riviera (Côte d'Azur) and wind your way down the coast visiting Nice, Cannes and Saint-Tropez.

If you're one for a mix of countryside and sipping wines, head inland to Luberon. Here you'll find postcard-perfect market towns, medieval castles, and vineyards tucked between rolling green hills. As you watch the landscapes change around every corner, you'll quickly understand why artists continue to flock to this picturesque region of France.


Our selection of boutique hotels in Provence

La Verriere

La Verriere

France, Provence
Mougins Luxury Retreats

Mougins Luxury Retreats

France, Provence
Les Rosees en Provence

Les Rosees en Provence

France, Provence
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