Where can I travel this summer?

September 27, 2021

Sandy beaches, warm rays of sunshine, and mouth-watering cuisine – the Mediterranean is the ultimate destination for relaxing vacations and once-in-a-lifetime trips, which many of us are craving right now.

Where Can I Travel to Without Quarantine?

With vaccination in progress and the number of cases on the decrease, many Mediterranean countries are lessening their safety measures and reopening their borders for tourists worldwide. For example, the EU Digital COVID Certificate facilitates the safe free movement of citizens in the European Union. It is designed for EU citizens and residents who are now able to have their Digital COVID Certificates issued and verified across the EU.

Read on to find out where you can travel without quarantine this summer.

Can I Travel to Malta This Summer?

Well-known for its beautifully antiquated architecture, historical sites, and underwater caves, Malta sits in the navel of the Mediterranean and is open for tourists this summer.

Malta currently welcomes visitors from amber countries, and quarantine is unnecessary if a vaccination certificate is presented upon arrival. The country is officially totally open for tourists since the 1st of June 2021. This date marks also the start of accepting not only tested but also alternatively vaccinated passengers (edit August 2021: only vaccinated travellers can enter without obligation to quarantine).

Many safety measures are still in place, but they are gradually lessening. Malta announced to be the first country in European Union with herd immunity from Covid-19 so you definitely can dive into its rich history and crystal-clear waters again this summer.

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Where can I travel this summer?
Valletta, Malta

Can I Travel to France This Summer?

France, the country of fine wine, exquisite cuisine, and elegant cities, opens her arms to travellers from specific countries and those with a reason for entry.

France welcomes travellers with a negative PCR test result or vaccination from countries on the “green” list. However, different rules apply to passengers from “orange” and “red” countries.

France already lifted lockdown measures for us to wander in its charismatic cobble-stoned streets again this summer. Night clubs are now allowed to work at 75% capacity, accommodations have opened, restaurants and cafes can accommodate guests both indoor and outdoor, so there is nothing else left but booking your dream holidays in France!

Just keep in mind that since 21 July, a Covid-19 certificate (Pass Sanitaire) is necessary for all cultural or recreational events that gather 50 people or more, held indoors or outdoors. Aditionally from the beginning of August, a Covid-19 certificate will also be necessary to enter cafés, restaurants, shopping centres, hospitals, retirement houses and for long distance-travel by plane, train or bus.

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Where can I travel this summer?
Hunawihr, France

Can I Travel to Greece This Summer?

Let the land of ancient gods and heroes lure you back with its charismatic islands and delicious cuisine. Greece currently welcomes travellers either with negative test results or with vaccination certificates from the EU & Schengen Area countries, USA, UK, Israel, Serbia, UAE, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Rwanda, Singapore, the Russian Federation, North Macedonia, Canada, Belarus, Bahrein, Qatar, China, Kuwait, Ukraine, and Saudi Arabia.

To conclude, self-isolation is not anymore required for vaccinated tourists and those who present a negative test result. It seems like Hermes, the god of travel, has heard our prayers and we will experience some of this famous Greek hospitality this summer!

Where can I travel this summer?
Oia Santorini, Greece

Can I Travel to Italy This Summer?

Known for its delectable dishes, Italy now welcomes visitors only from selected countries. Travel restrictions are based on lists and different measures apply for different groups. 

The good news is that Italy has dropped the requirement of quarantine for most of us and is generally open. Since middle May restaurants are already open and hotels can accommodate travellers with safety measures in check.

The country is gradually reopening its borders for more countries and has introduced new measures for tourists wanting to come from overseas! Travellers aboard so-called “Covid-tested flights” from the U.S., Canada, Japan, the United Arab Emirates are now allowed to enter with negative test results on the specified routes. You can find further explanations of requirements & routes here.

As of 6th of August 2021, to access specified public places, events and gatherings, people are requested to hold the EU Digital COVID certificate or, in general, a certificate of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 in the past 6 months or a negative result to an antigenic or molecular test (taken no more than 48h before). More details to where is it required here.

It looks like the capital of pizza is fully ready to welcome tourists so you can relish Italy’s fine wine and delicious food this summer.

Where can I travel this summer?
Castel San Angelo in Rome, Italy

Can I Travel to Tunisia This Summer?

Immerse yourself in the rich history of ancient cities and get a tan on Tunisia’s golden beaches, as its borders are open to most countries.

Unvaccinated travellers are to present a negative PCR test result upon arrival, and a 7-day self-isolation period is recommended. Although those who already got fully vaccinated or recovered are exempt from those requirements. Flights from Australia, Brazil, Denmark, South Africa and the UK are currently suspended, but borders are open for others!

The good news is that shops, restaurants, bars, and most attractions are open, so you can still explore the ancient ruins of Carthage and wander in the souks of Tunis.

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Where can I travel this summer

Can I Travel to Croatia This Summer?

Enjoy the view of the Adriatic coast and immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Croatia, as it is open to travellers coming from specific countries.

Travel restrictions vary according to the country you’re travelling from. Passengers from the green category on the EU risk map can travel without restrictions, but different entry rules apply to those from other categories, learn about them here. If you are entering from a country excluded from the list required to quarantine you just need to provide a negative test result, proof of past infection or vaccination certificate.

Even though safety measures are in force, hotels, restaurants, and shops are open, so you can still have a wonderful time on the stunning beaches in Croatia. Also restaurants, bars and nightclubs are open and you can read about it in detail here

Stay up to date with the travel restrictions of Croatia here

Where can I travel this summer?
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Can I Travel to Morocco This Summer?

Bask in the sun by the beach in Agadir and take a trip to the arid Sahara deserts of Morocco, as this country welcomes travellers from all over the world.

Starting June 15 2021, international flights to Morocco are resumed and travellers are welcome to enter, under some conditions – if they have a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test at least 48 hours before the date of entry into Morocco. That is under the condition of coming from A listed countries because those coming from B listed countries must obtain an exceptional travel authorization beforehand.

With health restrictions in rule, shops, restaurants, and hotels are open, so you can still let the beautiful Islamic architecture and unique souks charm you away.

Where can I travel this summer?
Marrakesh, Morocco

Can I Travel to Spain This Summer?

If you want to enjoy the laidback vibe, delectable seafood dishes, and the warm Mediterranean sun, Spain is the place to go.

You can travel to Spain without having to self-isolate if you’re from the EU, countries in the Schengen Area, and several approved third countries. However, a 10-day quarantine is mandatory for travellers coming in from high-risk countries. From June 7th the country is also accepting vaccinated passengers.

Even though restrictions differ from region to region, shops and restaurants are open. Complying with safety measures, you could still experience the tapas culture and take in the view of Spain’s beautiful coastline.

Where can I travel this summer?
Plazza de Espana in Seville, Spain