Micra Anglia, a boutique hotel inspired by the original mansions of Andros

When you pass the Micra Anglia’s portal, you are instantly charmed with the neoclassical architecture, a remnant of the times when Andros was known as Little England. The Boutique hotel, named after the island, is a complex of three 19th-century mansions; one of them belonged to the beloved Greek poet Andreas Empirikos, among the most influential Greek poets of the 20th century. The interior blends the grandeur of the mansions and a modern touch.

Around every corner of Micra Anglia lies a magical detail, from the wrought iron chandeliers to the oak floors passing by the stone walls. Retreat to the garden for a sunbath on the terrace or dive into the vast pool. Enjoy a sensorial experience with the impeccable spa services and discover the fine cuisine at the chef’s table. The serenity of Micra Anglia Andros makes it a favorite getaway for a weekend of retreat and inspiration.

Boutique Hotel
21 Rooms

What we liked the most

  • Tasting Andro’s speciality puddings at the terrace overlooking the pool
  • Attending a wine tasting session at the mansion’s original cellar where the house wines are well kept
  • Learning to make Andros traditional cheese, in a class organised by the hotel
  • The relaxing Hammam moment at the spa facilities

Rooms Overview

Twenty-one rooms and suites spread along the mansions and floors of Micra Anglia Andros. They are all united with the neoclassical style mixed with modern architecture, and the set of fine amenities

Naftilos Suite

4 guests One-bedroom suite Private terrace View into the garden

Naftilos suite is exceptionally spacious, with a bedroom equipped with a living room and two sofa beds for a lovely evening indoors. This suite has access to a private garden to get comfortable, meditate, rejuvenate, and treat your eyes with the fantastic views of trees and local plants.

Master Suite Zefiros

4 guests Equipped kitchen One-bedroom suite Private pool Private terrace View into the sea

The master suite has the key to a luxurious private stay with a mesmerizing touch of design and fashion. Relax in the interior jacuzzi or sunbathe at the private outdoor pool with a view of the blue sea of Aegean.


4 guests Balcony One-bedroom suite View into the sea

When you set foot in the suite, you can instantly feel the exclusivity and sophistication put in the theme and the luxurious furniture along with the astonishing view of the Sea through the comfort of your own cosy balcony where you can sit with your herbal tea and relish on Greek pastries.


3 guests Balcony One-bedroom suite View into the sea

All in white and soft grey, Lavendes features two separate rooms, When you open the French window, you get to enjoy a beautiful view of the town of Andros.

Family Room

5 guests Two-bedroom suite View into the city

Step into the warmth of the Family Room at Micra Anglia Boutique Hotel & Spa, a spacious 2-room apartment with a soothing pastel palette. Rest well in the King size bed, or lounge on one of the plush sofa beds. Indulge in the modern amenities and a luxurious bathroom with two shower heads. Perfect for couples seeking spacious tranquility or families of up to 5.


2 guests Accessible by stairs

The attic suite is a beige and brown-themed room. The roof hatch window allows you to gaze into the beautiful starlight of Andros.

Standard Room

3 guests View into the city

The Standard rooms décor reflects the minimal Cycladic design mixed with a neoclassical touch. You can relax in the mystic white room enjoy the view of the Chora of Andros through the window.

Economy Standard

2 guests

Discover the enchanting Economy Standard Rooms, boasting warm pastel shades and modern grey touches, stunning Cocomat beds, and the impeccable hospitality of Micra Anglia Boutique Hotel & Spa. Perfect for couples and solo travelers seeking an unforgettable stay with alley views and stairway access.

Services and facilities

Modern design
Pets friendly
Air conditioning
Family rooms
Non smoking rooms
Wellness services
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Taste the flavors


Whether you prefer having your breakfast in the comfort of your own room or at the terrace, you will be offered a selection of local and fresh Greek flavours to start the day with. The breakfast choice includes local vegetables, a variety of cheese, omelettes and sausages along with Greek desserts, and delicious pastries. If you are the healthy type you have options like cereals, fresh fruits and of course Greek yoghurt and honey.

Micra Anglia’s café

You will enjoy a cup of coffee or a delicious snack with the view of the pool shaded by local plants. If you are craving something mouth-watering, make sure to order Andro’s speciality puddings that include sesame, rose petals, bergamot, amigdalota (traditional Greek almond cookies), and pasteli (traditional Greek sesame seed candy).

Dolly’s Bar and Restaurant

The chef works his magic to transform local fresh ingredients derived from the majestic Aegean Sea and the green land of Andros into enchanting dishes influenced by Greek and Italian cuisine. All served with a modern and chic outlook along with a variety of carefully selected wines and cocktails.

Focus on sustainability


Citrus, the fruit of Promise, indicates that the property is noticeable eco-conscious as many areas of sustainability are addressed.

  • Many energy efficiency features are used in Micra-Anglia hotel, from insulation material to electricity-saving systems.
  • The hotel is careful to promote the opportunity to experience the destination and culture, proposing local experiences
  • Organic products have been introduced to restaurant’s menu which is based on local products.

Explore the location

The hotel is located at Chora (the word that’s traditionally used to describe the “capital” of any Greek island), the main town of Andros close to shops, restaurants, natural escapes and the island’s historical landmarks.

Explore the area like a local

The area surrounding Micra Anglia is an idyllic destination that is rich in culture, charm, and endless possibilities for exploration.

The winding streets of Andros' Chora are a delight to explore, with their stunning white-washed houses decorated with vibrant flowers and the array of boutiques, cafes, and restaurants that provide a delicious taste of the local cuisine. The island's rich history and culture are on full display in the various museums, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Archaeological Museum of Andros, and the Folklore Museum of Andros.

The beaches in the area, such as Nimborio, Paraporti, and Gialia, offer a tranquil escape from the stresses of everyday life with their crystal-clear waters and serene atmosphere. Take part in a range of water sports or simply relax and soak up the Mediterranean sun with a refreshing cocktail in hand.

Andros' Chora is a place that truly comes to life as the sun sets, with a laid-back nightlife that is sure to impress. From cozy bars to trendy nightclubs, the Neighbourhood offers a vibrant scene that caters to all tastes.

The culinary delights of the area are sure to leave you satisfied, with a range of delicious local and international cuisine to be found in the many acclaimed restaurants and tavernas throughout the island.

Andros is easily accessible from Athens or Mykonos by ferry, offering a convenient and scenic journey to this enchanting island paradise.


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