When we will travel again

March 5, 2020

“When we will travel again”: No question mark here. Because it’s not a question, but a statement. Although travelling seems out of the question these days, and the perspective of the summer trip is becoming more and more blurry, you must be feeling that urge to connect to the outside world. It is not surprising that travel restrictions make it even more desirable – basic human psychology. So as we are – rightly- staying safely at home, our dreams for evasion are growing.

As we are staying safely at home, our dreams for evasion are growing.

However, between dreaming about the next family trip next or a romantic staycation, there is some fear about the nasty virus hiding somewhere and the uncertainty about the “new normal” of wearing masks, no socialising… Hotels, airlines and travel professionals are already addressing that and going the extra mile to offer us the safest and most enjoyable experience when we will travel again.

Meanwhile, let’s #StayHome thinking our next trip. Where to start? Well, this crisis has driven so many innovative ideas – mainly digital- to inspire us. Look at the number of successful campaigns, like the #StillATraveler campaign by CNtraveler or #dreamnowtravellater with more than 22,000 shares.

This crisis has driven so many innovative ideas to inspire us

The destinations are certainly leading the way, through their Tourism authorities or destination management companies, with some brilliant campaigns. Just have a look at Monaco’s “Miss you Take Care”, #Malta’s “Dream Malta new, visit later.” and #Greece’s “until the time is right to get away, dream away”. Don’t they make you dream ?

Get the cultural benefits from your couch!

If you are more about cultural travel and are frustrated because you can’t visit historic sites, surprisingly they can come to your couch for now. Have a look at the newly added virtual visits of famous museums and monuments – the Sistine chapel, Prado museum and of course Louvres just to name a few. Did you see that amazing video made by the dancers of Opera de Paris to keep us dreaming about culture, and new horizons?

There are countless Instagram live streams, WhatsApp sessions and videos out there from small local institutions and bloggers. Have a look at The Dreamer Wild and Free’s latest video presenting the amazing landscapes of #Tunisia.

This crisis can’t stop true travellers

For a pre-taste of travel, I love how my sister-in-law adapted to her holiday trip cancellation. She organized a week-long trip from home as she travelled with her son, through games, drawings and meals from India to the US, stopping by Italy, Tunisia and Morocco.

This crisis can’t stop true travellers. So, let’s #StayHome today, and keep the #travelvibe on. Let’s dream and make the best plans for when we will travel again…

When the time comes, we will be there to help you.

Founder, The Boutique Vibe.