Best Eco-friendly Hotels

April 22, 2021

Six hotels for the best sustainable experience

Walking into a local boutique hotel is a breath of fresh air. Your imagination will ignite with excitement about the possibilities to come, yet a feeling of calmness and home will wash over you.  Of course, not all hotels are built equally and deciding where to stay when travelling can significantly impact the twists and turns your vacation takes.

The thought of sustainable and eco-friendly hotels having fewer amenities and creature comforts is a thing of the past. Instead, you’ll find true purpose and thoughtfulness at sustainable hotels you won’t find at large chains. Every detail will have a connection with the community. Local food, products and decorations provide a sense of boutique luxury, and staff love sharing their sense of pride by providing top-notch service.

Join us as we celebrate the 5 Best Eco-friendly Hotels below.

La Verriere – Provence, France

Arriving at La Verriere, your heart and soul will immediately feel at peace. Protected forests provide the perfect backdrop for the lodge and its elegant vineyards and set a precedence for the sustainability practices set throughout.

Wine lovers will admire the dedication to La Verriere’s eco-friendly vineyards. The use of synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers are avoided, allowing biodiversity to flourish. If you’re enjoying a farm-to-fork dinner, you’ll appreciate the chef’s wine pairing of seasonal produce. They’ve also launched a ‘Sutaina-Bee-lity’ initiative, whose aim is to showcase how important bees are to growing sustainable grapes for world-class wines.

La Verriere
Idyllic nature surrounding La Verriere Hotel

With the motto of “Non-Mihi Non-Tibi Sed Nobis” (not mine, not yours but ours), it’s easy to see why guests leave La Verriere feeling refreshed and reconnected to nature.

Agramada – Palaiochori village, Greece

Set amongst the magical forests of Halkidiki, you’ll find Agramada, a back-to-nature hotel, and treehouse filled to the brim with charm. Families and couples alike will delight in the fairytale-like atmosphere, as forests are explored, native wildlife play outside your window, and life’s little worries float away with a light breeze.

Three house of Agramada unique stay

When a local couple first dreamed up Agramada, an intimate relationship with the surroundings was established from the very start. Pure water is sourced from a 135m well located right below your feet, natural sunlight is used to brighten and heat rooms, and Greek-owned businesses supply much of the food and toiletries. As you settle into life at Agramada, you’ll begin to cherish how little of an imprint your day-to-day life has on the local environment.

Locanda Al Colle – Camaiore, Italy

As the Tuscan sea breeze gently greets your arrival, you’ll feel like Locanda Al Colle, and the earth it sits upon have been in harmony forever. Originally a farmhouse in the 1700s, Locanda Al Colle’s charm, and simplicity retain their trueness with an added touch of luxury and supreme comfort. You’ll immediately embrace their less is more approach as the surrounding panoramic views take centre stage. Televisions are replaced with floor-to-ceiling windows, and every detail draws your attention to the Tuscan landscape.

Locanda al Colle
Indoor-outdoor living at Locanda Al Colle (literally)

After a homemade breakfast complete with fresh bread and local meats and cheeses, you’ll begin to truly appreciate how Locanda Al Colle works in unity with nature. Traditional techniques of high ventilated wood ceilings along with sustainable insulating glazing allows for perfect temperatures with limited energy. Solar panels heat the pool to a perfect 30 degrees Celsius, and subtle rainwater recovery techniques provide irrigation for the numerous trees, flowers and herbs grown on-site.

Perivoli – Pyrgiotika Village, Greece

Whether you’d like to spend relaxing days by the pool sipping local wines, out exploring the vibrant hills of Argolis, or a mix of both, Perivoli ensures your stay is completely catered to you. At first glance, you’ll be awe-struck by the beauty and seemingly large hotel and retreat overlooking Nafplio. However, as you begin to wander the grounds, a sense of simplicity and minimalism takes over.

Perivoli Boutique Hotel
The beautiful natural landscape surrounding Perivoli

Adopting its own Green Policy, Perivoli goes above and beyond to ensure it has minimal impact on the environment. Energy usage is closely monitored, and thermal insulation, double-glazed windows and light timers ensure it’s only being used as needed. Walking into the rooms themselves, white-washed walls with wooden accents and brick fireplaces provide a perfect place to recharge. Fresh and local produce fuel your body, and all-natural linens and cleaning products cleanse your body from everyday toxins. A stay at Perivoli will brighten your soul and renew your sense of wonder.

Papaevangelou – Papigo Village, Greece

As the soft pink hues of the sunrise stir your awake, a complete comfort will overwhelm you. Gazing at the Astraka towers that seem to begin just below your window, it’s easy to see why owners George and Markella picked this exact spot for Papaevangelou Hotel.

Local breakfast at Papaevangelou

Located in the small town of Papigo, or ‘paradise on earth’ as George and Markella call it, the small ten-room hotel celebrates the surrounding landscapes to offer guests a rejuvenating back-to-nature experience. Stone arches and wooden-beam ceilings made from recycled materials embrace the traditional architecture of the region. Breakfasts crafted from homemade cake and jams, mountain-sheep feta cheese and authentic Greek yoghurt are presented each morning, and a vision of a greener future is continuously at the forefront of all decisions.

Cala Di Greco

Cala di Greco echoes the heritage of a family’s property in Bonifacio, the Southern Corsican tip. As you are exploring the hotel, Sardinia is imposing in the background with its coastline of the Mediterranean, sparkly during all seasons.
The property is noticeably eco-conscious as many areas of sustainability are addressed. To be as eco-friendly as possible Cala Di Greco features renewable energy systems, such as in the positioning of its location to allow better circulation of the air and the insulation, of course. Thanks to the local materials like marble and the delicate colours of the interior, the rooms of Cala Di Greco are warm and welcoming. Some of the furniture pieces are second-hand or sustainable, directly from local producers.

Cala di greco
Sleek and locally sourced interior of Cala Di Greco

The movement-sensitive captors for exterior light make sure there is no energy waste while solar panels warm the water. Plus, the hotel asks guests to use the towels more than once before sending them to the laundry as a way of conscious living.
At Cala Di Greco, the focus is on seasonal and local produce, from the snacks at the bar to the decorative elements. Guests can also connect with the local community thanks to events and meetings that this boutique hotel encourages to do.

Why choose eco-friendly hotels?

By booking your stay at an eco-friendly hotel, you’re supporting an abundance of local businesses and the sustainable practices they’re pursuing. If you’re ready to breathe fresh air, wander native forests and delight in the comforts of local delicacies, have a look at our range of sustainable hotels and start planning your rejuvenating stay.