Deeply entrenched with the teeming trends of the time, Scala de Faro Boutique Hotel harbours some of the most captivating and coveted experiences in Chania

Hemmed with a hefty history and intricately infused with an idyllic style, Scala de Faro proffers even the most ardent advocates of travel a panoply of pleasurable pursuits.

Lain in the centuries-old streets of Chania, get whisked away in this whimsical, once-Venetian gem. Engulfed in an eclectic array of architectural features, highlights hone in on the Venetian finishes, wooden floors, effortless arches, vintage doors, the stone-built staircase, and the ever-flowing fountain. Harboured in the heart of the Old Port, there are panoramic vistas of the turquoise ocean, tumbling mountain tops, and lively port aplenty, only to be topped by the vivacious energy of the city’s ambience.

Considering the ample abundance of Ottoman, Venetian and Modern Greek influences over the centuries, Scala de Faro Boutique Hotel embodies a prominent position as a contemporary, cultural melting pot. Feel the exterior environment effortlessly seep into the stunning walls within the complex, and dive into the delightful depths of this diverse space.

Savour the traditional Cretian cuisine paired perfectly with an authentic local wine, peruse out the terrace into the labyrinth-like streets, discover the rich underwater scene on day-trip diving, head out for a hike in the notorious Samaria Gorge, take a refreshing dip in the turquoise coves, or explore the sprawling marketplaces.

Boutique Hotel
9 Rooms
  • Relishing in the fruitful fusion of flavours of the authentic Cretian cuisine and local wines
  • Embarking on an all-enticing hike in the Samaria Gorge, surrounded by plummeting cliffs, wild birds and a flourishing plant life
  • Reading a novel in the alfresco style, plant-draped terrace
  • Revelling in the replete roaring ocean, radiant port and Old Town views from the comfort of the private balcony
  • Diving deep into the depths of the rich marine life, exploring World War II wrecks and vibrant coral reefs

Rooms Overview

Class meets culture in each sublime suite of the Scala de Faro Boutique Hotel. Straddling a series of floors spanning over the northern and southern faces, there are nine charming rooms, each to their own offering a coherent alternative. Coined by the captivating collection of Venetian, Ottoman and Greek details, there’s a dash of delight found behind each doorway.

Presidential Suite

3 guests Connecting rooms option En-suite spa Open-plan suite Private terrace

Combining coveted features, lavish style, open-plan living and a captivating contemporary fusion, this suite is nothing short of a romantic respite. Appreciate the hand-made decorations and high wooden ceilings contrasted with the blue ocean down below. Enjoy the spacious wardrobe, hydromassage in the bath, and even get a bit of planning done at the large wooden desk.

Premium Suite

3 guests Connecting rooms option One-bedroom suite View into the sea

Get a feel for the hefty history that’s ingrained within the walls, but, with a more contemporary spin. This open space speaks for itself, tempting tranquillity through its design. Observe light play as it reflects off the wealth of windows and mirrors, or peer out at the crashing ocean from the comfort of the couch.

Junior Suite

3 guests Connecting rooms option En-suite spa View into the city

Feel right at home in this cosy piece of paradise. Revel in the warm tones and intricate tile work, check out the riveting city vistas or unwind in the luxury of the spa bath. Take advantage of L’Occitane amenities and make use of the hydromassage features to send yourself into a state of zen.

Deluxe Double Room with Sea View

2 guests Balcony One-bedroom suite View into the sea

Illuminated by white and golden finishes, grandiose windows, marble details and a dash of greenery, this room provokes a prolific sense of tranquillity. Lounge out on the commodious balcony as you bask in the unique views of the Old Port Lighthouse.

Deluxe Double Room with Mountain View

2 guests Connecting rooms option Private terrace View into the mountains

This airy, plant-graced space is topped by the sublime comfort that’s coalesced with lavish details. Get refreshed in the marble-made bathroom, kick back on the sumptuous bedding, or plan your next day’s adventures at the desk. The spacious bedroom invites guests out onto the serene grounds of the ample terrace space, where they can relish in the picture-perfect scenery.

Classic Double Room

2 guests Connecting rooms option One-bedroom suite View into the city

Contemporary features fringed with unique touches and lavish lighting make this room an all-around relishing experience. Get stuck into a good book at the spacious writing desk, take a relaxing shower with the complimentary L’Occitane toiletries, or look out the curtain-draped windows down into the bustling city streets below.

Services and facilities

Modern design
Air conditioning
Dining on demand
Laundry Service
Non smoking rooms
Wellness services
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Taste the flavors

Appease your senses with a selection of snacks and superb, authentic wines

Take your pick between the panoply of traditional plates on offer, or order some authentic cuisine straight to your suite. With 24-hour room service available, you can enjoy the wealth of wonderful options on offer. Head out on the town to find locally-owned taverns serving up fresh, palettable plates sure satisfy gastronomy-intrigued visitors.

Relish in the breakfast buffet

Head down to the breakfast buffet, or order a freshly-made breakfast right in the comfort of your very own suite. Enjoy fresh fruits, omelettes, assorted pastries, jam paired with bread, and local cheese and ham. Replenish your thirst with freshly made orange juice or a pick-me-up cup of coffee.

About sustainability


Citrus, the fruit of Promise, indicates that the property is noticeable eco-conscious as many areas of sustainability are addressed.

  • Scala de Faro takes pride in cultivating connections with the local community. They suggest locally-owned businesses and promote authentic experiences to help support the Chania neighbourhood.
  • This boutique hotel is home to conscious practices and sustainable architecture. Making use of roofing insulation material, they optimise insulation through the exterior walls, flooring, windows, and ceilings too.
  • Guests are welcome to reuse bed linen and towels, helping to cut down water usage and lower the hotel’s environmental impact.
  • With sustainability at its core, all furniture and accessories dotted around the hotel are made locally, thus contributing towards the local community.

Explore the location

Charming Chania is steeped with stifling scenery aplenty. From the winding alleyways and too-good-to-be-true beaches, to the handful of hiking and diving opportunities, there’s truly something to delight avid adventurers, romance-aficionados and passionate travellers alike. Hot spots in the local area include the centuries-old Venetian Port and Lighthouse, Gyali Tzami, Etz Hayyim Synagogue, Nautical Museum and the Archaeological Museum.

Explore Crete like a local!

Scala de Faro Boutique Hotel is centred in the heart of the Old Town, and they can effortlessly arrange transportation both to and from the hotel, helping to make your journey all the more enjoyable.

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