Savoring Cyprus: Culinary Marvels and Restaurants in Nicosia

December 5, 2023

Discover the culinary gems of Nicosia, the vibrant heart of Cyprus, where top restaurants in Nicosia weave a rich tapestry of flavors. Renowned for its abundance and unique tastes, Cypriot cuisine invites you on a gastronomic journey that unfolds amidst history and tradition. In this Mediterranean haven, every bite tells a tale of warmth and authenticity. Immerse yourself in the delectable delights that define food in Nicosia, a perfect blend of exquisite dishes and genuine hospitality. Join us as we savor the essence of this remarkable city, where each meal is a heartfelt experience, celebrating the spirit of Cyprus.

The Delectable Delights of Cyprus

Embark on a culinary odyssey through the rich tapestry of Cypriot gastronomy, where every dish is a symphony of tradition and flavor. The Cypriot kitchen, one of the world’s most diverse, invites you to explore its top 10 characteristic specialties, each a testament to the island’s culinary prowess.

1. Halloumi

Savoring Cyprus: Culinary Marvels and Restaurants in Nicosia
Grilled Halloumi cheese

Halloumi, akin to feta, is internationally beloved. Whether grilled to adorn green salads, turned into saganaki, or savored raw in sandwiches, this traditional Cypriot cheese is a culinary gem. It perfectly complements locally marinated sausages.

2. Souvla

Savoring Cyprus: Culinary Marvels and Restaurants in Nicosia
Cooking fresh Cypriot souvla on the sea

The crowning glory of Cypriot meze, Souvla, involves large cuts of lamb or goat threaded onto a skewer and slow-cooked over charcoal for 2-3 hours. It’s not just the exceptional taste of the charcoal-grilled meat that captivates; it’s the entire ritual of enjoying Souvla with beer and meze that completes this gastronomic experience.

3. Koupes

Savoring Cyprus: Culinary Marvels and Restaurants in Nicosia
Traditional Cypriot Koupes

Koupes are a distinctive Cypriot snack resembling crispy meatballs. Crafted with bulgur as the outer layer, filled with spiced pork mince, and fried to a golden brown in ample oil, they boast a rich, golden hue and are best enjoyed with a splash of lemon.

4. Afelia

Savoring Cyprus: Culinary Marvels and Restaurants in Nicosia
Afelia, pork marinated in red wine, cumin, cinnamon, and coriander

Pork holds a prominent place in Cypriot cuisine, and Afelia showcases its glory. Marinated in red wine, cumin, cinnamon, and coriander, the small pork pieces are simmered to perfection. Serve over rice, bathed in the delectable Afelia sauce for an authentic Cypriot experience.

5. Sheftalies

Savoring Cyprus: Culinary Marvels and Restaurants in Nicosia
Cypriot delicacies, sheftalies

Sheftalies, small lamb or pork patties, transcend ordinary kebabs. Infused with cinnamon, parsley, and onions, wrapped in lamb caul fat, and dreamily cooked over charcoal or in the oven, they are a must-try, embodying the essence of Cypriot culinary artistry.

6. Ravioles

Savoring Cyprus: Culinary Marvels and Restaurants in Nicosia

Ravioles, reminiscent of Venetian cuisine, are larger than their Italian counterparts. Stuffed with halloumi and boiled in chicken broth, they are a savory delight served in a soup dish, garnished with abundant broth, grated halloumi, and fresh mint.

7. Koupepia

Savoring Cyprus: Culinary Marvels and Restaurants in Nicosia
Koupepia, also know as Dolmas

Known as dolmades in other regions, Koupepia are grape leaves stuffed with rice or a mix of rice and minced meat, generously seasoned with cumin and lemon. Whether warm or cold, they pair exquisitely with chilled yogurt, offering a burst of Mediterranean flavors.

8. Patates Antinahtes

Savoring Cyprus: Culinary Marvels and Restaurants in Nicosia

Among the most renowned and beloved dishes in Cypriot cuisine, Patates Antinahtes are small, unpeeled potatoes boiled in generous amounts of olive oil. Once they turn a rosy hue, they are seasoned with coarse salt and dried coriander, creating a dish known as “antinahtes” or “finger-licking.”

9. Karaoli Yahni

Savoring Cyprus: Culinary Marvels and Restaurants in Nicosia
Snails “yahni”

Karaoli, or snails, are a local delicacy prepared yahni-style with tomatoes and onions. Traditionally enjoyed as a warm, comforting dish, they embody the unique flavors and culinary quirks of Cypriot gastronomy.

10. Kolokasi

Savoring Cyprus: Culinary Marvels and Restaurants in Nicosia
Kolokasi, a root vegetable also known as taro root

Kolokasi, a root vegetable akin to potatoes, is a beloved ingredient. Often stewed with pork or chicken, tomatoes, onions, and celery, it offers a hearty and flavorful dish, showcasing the island’s culinary heritage dating back to Roman times.

And this, my friends, is just the beginning of the culinary wonders that Cyprus has to offer. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into Nicosia’s gastronomic scene and explore the innovative fusion of tradition and modernity at Scale Restaurant. Get ready for a feast for the senses, where every bite tells a story steeped in history and passion.

Nicosia’s Culinary Gem 

Scale Restaurant

Savoring Cyprus: Culinary Marvels and Restaurants in Nicosia

Nestled in the heart of Nicosia at MAP Hotel, Scale Restaurant emerges as a beacon of culinary excellence, redefining the dining landscape of Cyprus. Stepping into Scale is not just a meal; it’s an immersive journey through design, taste, and a commitment to crafting a distinctive dining experience.

Design Philosophy

Scale Restaurant, a brainchild of the internationally acclaimed Chef Athinagoras Kostakos, stands as a testament to his visionary approach to gastronomy. The restaurant’s design philosophy seamlessly blends luxury with coziness, creating an ambiance that transcends the ordinary. The interiors boast a trendy, upbeat vibe, harmonizing with the island’s exuberant culture. As you enter, you are greeted by an atmosphere that invites everyone, from business partners to family and friends, to revel in the allure of Scale’s unique charm.

Savoring Cyprus: Culinary Marvels and Restaurants in Nicosia

Commitment to a Unique Dining Experience

Scale isn’t merely a place to eat; it’s an all-day hub where every moment is carefully curated for a memorable experience. The commitment to providing a unique dining adventure is evident in every aspect, from the stylish décor to the trendy lounge music that fills the air. The restaurant caters to every taste and occasion, offering a perfect blend of local flavors and classic comfort food recipes. Scale encapsulates the essence of Cyprus’s zest for life, making it the go-to destination for those seeking not just a meal but an immersive culinary escapade.

Savoring Cyprus: Culinary Marvels and Restaurants in Nicosia
A Choux to remember, at Scale Restaurant

Fusion of Creative Practices and Cypriot Flavors

What sets Scale apart is its unwavering dedication to blending creative culinary practices with the rich tapestry of Cypriot flavors. Under the guidance of Chef Athinagoras Kostakos, the restaurant weaves together a narrative where innovation meets tradition. The Mediterranean-inspired menu is a canvas painted with locally sourced ingredients, showcasing Cyprus’s vibrant and diverse culinary heritage. Each dish is a celebration of authenticity, meticulously crafted to bring out the true essence of the island’s gastronomic treasures.

As we delve deeper into the menu in the next section, prepare to be enchanted by Scale’s culinary symphony, where every bite tells a story of passion, creativity, and a deep-rooted connection to the flavors of Cyprus. Scale Restaurant isn’t just a dining destination; it’s an ode to the culinary spirit of Nicosia.

Savoring Cyprus: Culinary Marvels and Restaurants in Nicosia

A Culinary Journey through Scale Restaurant’s Menu

Embarking on a gastronomic adventure at Scale Restaurant is akin to traversing the diverse landscapes of Cyprus through taste. The menu at Scale is a carefully curated symphony of flavors, paying homage to authentic Cypriot culinary traditions while embracing innovation.

Overview of the Menu

The menu at Scale reflects a commitment to offering a diverse and enticing array of dishes, ensuring there’s something for every palate. Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean, each item on the menu is a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to delivering a true culinary masterpiece. From the freshest local produce to handpicked ingredients, Scale ensures that every dish is a harmonious blend of quality and authenticity.

Savoring Cyprus: Culinary Marvels and Restaurants in Nicosia

Connection to Authentic Cypriot Flavors

Scale Restaurant takes pride in its deep-rooted connection to authentic Cypriot flavors. The menu is a celebration of the island’s culinary heritage, with nods to classic dishes infused with a modern twist. Whether it’s the infusion of local olive oil, the use of traditional herbs, or the artful presentation inspired by Cyprus’s vibrant culture, each dish carries the essence of the region.

Signature Dishes

Among the stars of Scale’s menu, certain dishes stand out as true ambassadors of Cypriot gastronomy. The Veal Cheek Pastitsio, a culinary masterpiece, combines tender veal cheek with the richness of pastitsio, creating a symphony of flavors on the palate. The Crayfish Pasta showcases the freshness of local crayfish, while the Prawn Giouvetsi is a tantalizing blend of prawns and orzo, cooked to perfection.

Savoring Cyprus: Culinary Marvels and Restaurants in Nicosia
Pork Tenderloin, one of Scale’s signature dishes

Meticulous Preparation and Beverage Pairings

What sets Scale apart is not just the selection of dishes but the meticulous preparation that goes into each one. From the kitchen to the table, every step is a testament to the culinary craftsmanship. Local ingredients are treated with utmost respect, showcasing the culinary team’s dedication to excellence.

Discover Scale Restaurant’s menu here.

To elevate the dining experience, Scale offers thoughtfully curated beverage pairings. Whether it’s a local wine enhancing the flavors of a hearty dish or a signature cocktail complementing the freshness of seafood, the beverage selection is a seamless extension of the culinary journey.

Savoring Cyprus: Culinary Marvels and Restaurants in Nicosia

As we explore these culinary delights, you’ll find that Scale Restaurant is not merely a place to dine; it’s a portal to the soul of Cypriot cuisine, inviting you to savor every moment and every bite.


Embark on a culinary odyssey in Nicosia, where flavors dance and tradition sings. Scale Restaurant beckons you to savor the perfect balance of tastes, a testament to the vibrant gastronomic scene in Cyprus. Indulge in the distinctive blend of local and innovative dishes, making Nicosia a haven for every discerning food enthusiast. Explore, taste, and discover the richness of this culinary haven.