Escalus Luxury Suites Verona: where a picture-perfect melting pot of cultural influences melds together with a modern-day flair 

Encapsulated in the enthralling city of Verona, Escalus Luxury Suites is nothing short of a sprightly sojourn. Lain in the beating heart of the historical centre, culture and tradition effortlessly fuse from the rich surroundings into this beautifully curated boutique hotel. 

Woven with an eccentric twist and fine finishes, the contemporary touch makes for a modern escape in this ancient city. Entrenched with a captivating collection of cultural influences, Escalus Luxury Suites is topped by its superb service, colourful cuisine and aesthetic amenities that are sure to take your trip to the next level. 

Brimming with breathtaking vistas, Renaissance architecture, medieval remains, and appealing attractions aplenty, this boutique hotel is steeped in scintillating opportunities, all sitting right on your doorstep. 

The Veneto region hosts veritable pursuits for adventure-lovers, history fanatics and culture-inclined visitors alike. Step outside the stone townhouse straight into some of the city’s most coveted destinations. 

Appease your curiosity as you navigate the network of winding alleyways, get a taste of Roman times in the Verona Arena, indulge in an authentic plate of pasta in the Piazza delle Erbe, and get a romance-fuelled peek at the stone balcony from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. 

Dive deep into history and art in the myriad museums, climb to the veritable viewpoints and step outside the town into the teeming natural attractions. Escalus Luxury Suites makes for a fantastic foray that you won’t forget.

10 Rooms
  • Relishing in the mouth-watering breakfast spread from the comfort of the suite 
  • Learning to cook an authentic Italian meal from locals 
  • People-watching on Via Mazzini from the window 
  • Strolling straight out the door to the myriad monuments and attractions 
  • Setting off on a bike ride into the surrounding countryside

Rooms Overview

Situated in the scenic heart of Verona's historical centre, Escalus Luxury Suites is engraved with an eclectic expanse of charisma. Set in a simple stone house, the contemporary interior is peppered with modern finishes, resplendent details and a certain flair that can’t be matched elsewhere.

Junior Suite Design

2 guests Kitchenette One-bedroom suite

Equipped with oak wooden floorboards, open-plan living, sleek furniture and curtain-draped windows that invite you to look out onto the Via Mazzini, the Junior Suite Design is divinely exquisite. Sip on a tea as you peer out onto the street, relax on the sumptuous poster bed and enjoy the trickling shower as you rewind from a big day of sightseeing.

Suite Fashion

2-3 guests Kitchenette One-bedroom suite

Etched with an eccentrically modern living space, marble-floored bathroom and seamlessly chic furniture, the Suite Fashion takes luxury to the next level. Chat over the trip’s highlights from the comfort of the seating area and enjoy the palatable breakfast spread overlooking the buzzing city life down below.

Suite Glamour Deluxe

4 guests Kitchenette One-bedroom suite

This superbly sleek suite is spacious and wide, offering a light-filled, calm-inducing experience that’ll have you feeling like you’re at home. This part of the Escalus Luxury Suites oozes opulence. Unwind with a glass of Italian prosecco on the luxe sofa, share a cheese plate on the balcony, and if you’re up to it, get a little creative in the kitchenette.

Services and facilities

Minimal interior
Modern design
Pets friendly
Air conditioning
Family rooms
Laundry Service
Non smoking rooms
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Taste the flavors

Get a taste of authentic Italian cuisine

When it comes down to good old-fashioned Italian food, guests are indisputably spoilt for choice. Situated in the city centre, Escalus Luxury Suites offers some of the best restaurants in Verona. Just a stone’s throw away, you can indulge in the Trattoria Tre Marchetti, C’er una volta, or Farcito eateries.
Try out a palatable plate of gnocchi and a mouth-watering lasagna, and top it all off with some freshly-made gelato.

Take luxe to the next level with the breakfast spread

The staff at Escalus Luxury Suites go above and beyond, and the breakfast spread is certainly no exception. From the comfort of your very own suite, you can bask in the delightful flavours in the morning.
Kick things off with a frothy cappuccino, enjoy a crispy croissant, get refreshed with some juicy fruit, or keep it simple with some bread and jam.

About sustainability


Thyme, the treasured herb, indicates that the property follows local legislation with regard to the environment and has implemented a few eco-friendly common practices.

  • Escalus Luxury Suites is set in the historic stone house building, inviting guests for a sustainable experience that doesn’t diminish the building’s heritage  
  • This boutique hotel prioritises locally-sourced food, with the majority of palatable plates coming from the local community 
  • With a wealth of energy-efficient practices, Escalus Luxury Suites utilises LED bulbs and motion-controlled electricity 
  • Offering bicycle rental, activities and authentic experiences in the Verona region, the hotel helps to contribute to the local community

Explore the location

Enclosed with an inundating inventory of pleasurable pursuits, Verona city is packed to the brim. Located in the city centre, the Escalus Luxury Suites offer the perfect opportunity to get lost in the alluring attractions. From the multitude of museums and historical sites to the ancient Roman arena and rolling river, there is seriously something to appease every type of traveller. 

Nature enthusiasts and avid adventurers can h out into the surrounding region to see some of Italy's more ethereal experiences. Hike through the undulating Dolomites mountains, indulge in a wine tasting tour, go for a gondola ride in Venice, or row a boat in Malcesine. 

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