Somewhere amidst Greek mountains lies the picturesque hotel Zagori Suites 

Located in Vitsa, at the centre of Zagori, this boutique hotel welcomes you into luxurious comfort. The all-year-open Zagori Suites is surrounded by breathtaking scenery, from the beautiful river of Voidomatis to the scenic landscape of the town.

As you step into the boutique hotel, you are greeted by its captivating stone architecture. The hotel staff walks you across the charming suite with stunning decor interlaced with Greek tradition.

You can get your bags arranged next to the comfy bed and walk towards the window for a majestic view of the mountains. Enter the charming ensuite bathrooms for well-deserved relaxation, or step into the jacuzzi for some serene unwinding. Then glide into the kitchen and prepare a delicious dinner or have a private chef tingle your tastebuds.

When morning arrives, the hotel staff will have a delectable variety of dishes available to kickstart your day. Enjoy a homemade pie stuffed with cheese, and tickle your tongue with luscious fruit juice. 

Take a step out of the boutique hotel and into the mountainous town, where an array of adventures await. Go for mushroom hunting or hop on a guided tour to trench across scenic views. In winter, hop onto your skis and slide down the picturesque snowy hills. Whatever you choose, Zagori is sure to capture your attention, and Zagori Suites will have you coming back for another visit again.

Boutique Hotel
7 Rooms
  • Savouring the specially prepared Greek breakfast on the hotel’s terrace 
  • The warm and friendly staff, always happy to recommend restaurants and local sites to visit
  • Admiring the breathtaking site of the Zagori’s landscape outside the suite window
  • The playroom equipped with a PlayStation, home cinema and many other fun items for the little one’s entertainment
  • Participating in a guided tour offered by Zagori Suites around the gorgeous landscape of Zagorochoria

Rooms Overview

Zagori suites are home to 5 mesmerising suites, each with its unique touch. The minimalist painting perfectly complements the captivating upholstery scattered across the hotel. 

The impressive fireplace draws you in and comforts you in the heart of Greek winter. A step towards the window takes you to a scenic view of snowy mountains right before your eyes.

Executive Luxury Suite

3 guests Equipped kitchen One-bedroom suite

Zagori Suites emphasises luxurious comfort in their executive luxury suite. The stunning fireplace welcomes you into the suite on the ground floor, with a dining area and kitchen just some mere steps away.

The ground floor holds the bedroom with a comfortable king-sized bed and private bathroom.

Deluxe Suites

4 guests Equipped kitchen Open-plan suite

A gorgeously lit chandelier welcomes you into Zagori Suites Deluxe, perfectly complemented by matching light bulbs scattered across the whitewashed walls. The hardwood floors accentuate the brown-tinged linen across the furniture.

The suite has two variants; deluxe suite A and deluxe suite B. Each is equipped with comfortable king-sized beds with a jacuzzi shower cabin in an open-plan style.

Grand Chalets

5 guests Equipped kitchen Private access Two-bedroom suite

The two grand chalets in Zagori Suites offer a home-away-from-home experience interwoven with Greek luxury. As you step into the room, the immaculate white sofas capture your interest as they complement the white walls perfectly.

Take the wooden stairs toward the two bedrooms equipped with cosy double beds. With their mesmerising decor, the ensuite bathrooms transport you into utter tranquillity upon entry.

Family Villa

4 guests Balcony Equipped kitchen Two-bedroom suite

The family villa is the perfect accommodation if you are a family looking to spend some quality time in Zagori. The perfect mix of red furniture and white walls leaves you in awe as you step into the villa.

The first floor of the villa houses two bedrooms, one with two single beds and the other with a king-sized bed, each with a private bathroom to ensure your comfort and privacy.

Dream Mountain Residence

8 guests Balcony Equipped kitchen Three-bedroom suite

The dream mountain residence crowns all the rooms as it lies in luxurious elegance and comfort. It has two floors with three cosy bedrooms, each with an ensuite bathroom and a spacious and charming living room.

You can step into the fully equipped kitchen and simply brew some tea when you’re up for a little treat.

Services and facilities

Air conditioning
Family rooms
Laundry Service
Non smoking rooms
Wellness services
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Taste the flavors


As you wake to the cool mountain breeze, sumptuous Greek cuisine awaits you in the stunning breakfast room or gorgeous terrace. Enjoy delectable dishes carefully crafted from local ingredients for that rich, traditional touch. The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels accredits the specialities of hotel chefs as a proper “Greek breakfast,” so be sure to try it all during your stay.

Enjoy delicious yoghurt or tantalise your taste buds with an omelette or sausage. Then you can top it off with some homemade dessert or fruit juice. And when you are planning a daily excursion, don’t hesitate to ask Mrs Aliki for her famous picnic basket filled with handmade local snacks.

About sustainability


Like the fig tree roots, the property is constantly addressing many sustainable tourism areas and excelling in most fields.

  • Zagori suites have skilled chefs who prepare Greek delicacies from locally sourced ingredients and are accredited to serve the traditional Greek Breakfast.
  • The hotel provides recycling bins to guests and makes conscious efforts to reduce food wastage.
  • A good majority of one-time-use plastics are prohibited on the premises of Zagori Suites.
  • Zagori Suites invests a portion of its revenue into sustainable community projects.
  • The property utilises key cards or motion-controlled electricity and uses energy-efficient LED bulbs for most of its lighting.

Explore the location

Zagori Suites lies in the centre of the mountainous town of Zagori and gives you easy access to various fun adventures at its great altitude. In the heart of Vikos, you can begin your exploration by descending the sparkling waters of the Voidomatis River. Revel in the majestic scenery of 16th-century monastery ruins and the waterfalls under Klidonia’s stone bridge.

If you’re up for a little more wonder, you can hop on guided mountainside tours. One that you may want to hop on is the Valia Calda Hike and Cooking Day Trip. Revel in the glistening waters while you enjoy some of Mrs Aliki’s homemade pie, gotten from Zagori Suites.

Explore the area like a local!

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