8 Reasons to stay at MAP Hotel

July 25, 2022

Situated in the very heart of Nicosia, the scenic capital of Cyprus, the MAP Hotel overlooks centuries-old Venetian bastions, while the townscape around is a veritable tribute to how ancient architectural marvels sit next to the scenic futuristic architecture of today.

MAP Hotel
Stunning views from MAP’s rooms at the Old Town of Nicosia, Cyprus

But it is not just the location of the boutique hotel in Nicosia and the unrivalled charm of its interior that mesmerise, it is also what it stands for that makes MAP what it is. Its creator, Marios Palycarpou, has realised his childhood dream of setting up the hotel. Dreaming of becoming an architect but working as an accountant he designed the concept and built the hotel, making good on his childhood dreams and succeeding as one of Nicosia’s most successful hoteliers.

MAP Hotel
Marios Polycarpou, the founder of MAP concept and Hotel

But it is not just his personality that imparts a unique ambience to the space and makes a perfect stay for a boutique hotel aficionado, it is also another eight reasons to stay at MAP Hotel.

Reason number 1: Delight in SCALE’s mouth-watering fare

MAP Hotel stands out not only for its modern interior and spacious well-lit lounges and rooms with private balconies but also for its cosy restaurant offering mouth-watering Cypriot fare and an exquisite selection of exquisite local wine.

Go for dinner at MAP Hotel’s SCALE restaurant, and indulge in the ambrosial flavour of the Cypriot cuisine, be it Veal Tartare or SCALE’s delectable organic beetroot salad, with red currant vinaigrette and yoghurt, washed down with homemade wine.

MAP Hotel
Specialities of SCALE Restaurant

Other delicacies that can’t but impress are its signature dishes, conceived by the boutique hotel’s celebrity chefs. Relish the nuanced flavour of Cretan Pasta or tuck into a pork belly with potato terrine, submerged in creamy butter, quince, leek and geranium sauce, that will delight the most blasé of connoisseurs.

MAP Hotel
Delicious and healthy breakfast a’la cart at the MAP Hotel

Don’t forget that one of the main perks of a stay in MAP Hotel is being able to delight in an authentic breakfast: a homage to both local and cosmopolitan culinary heritage, making the yummy omelettes and croissants a perfect study of Nicosia’s gastronomical treasure trove. What is more, you will be served by multilingual staff that will also guide you through the menu matching your mood to the dishes on your table in perfect symmetry.

Reason number 2: Top location for bespoke exploring of the old city of Nicosia

Overlooking the Venetian-built bastions, MAP Hotel is great for setting out on a walking trip around town. It is from the green-and-modern hotel downtown that Nicosia feels like a portal to a universe of adventure and hunting for the most unique of architectural marvels.

Old walls of Nicosia in front of MAP Hotel
Old walls of Nicosia in front of MAP Hotel

With MAP Hotel’s expert concierge service you can book not just the usual sightseeing tours and business services, but also high-end touring experiences like bespoke soirees in a fully customized setting.

MAP Hotel Nicosia
Streets of Old Town of Nicosia

What is more, this boutique hotel in Nicosia is so advantageously located, that you can take a walk on your own to delight in the capital city’s pretty townscape, swing by its cosy taverns, and walk down to its municipal gardens, one of the best places to meet sunset with your significant other.

Reason number 3: Feel the bliss at the SPA and GYM

You can not just feel the enveloping warmth from 9 to 9 at Legend SPA, and enjoy a deep-tissue massage in the world-class spa setting, but also get the best facial treatments and a prime beautician’s expertise from MAP’s beauty gurus.

Legend SPA of MAP Hotel

Like this, you may both get utmost relaxation in the evening with a nice facial treatment before tucking under the fragrant softness of your duvet.

MAP Hotel
Modern gym of MAP Hotel

What is more, you can delight in one-of-a-kind gym facilities and combine indolent luxury, soothing spa sessions and health-beneficial exercises under the eye of a personal trainer.

Reason number 4: Delight in futuristic decor

One of the main advantages of the MAP Hotel is its stunningly modern interior space and top-notch facilities. Done out in the modern international fashion, its interior walls have been jazzed up by the design mavens like Kostas Neofitidis, projecting dashing confidence that seems to be the new credo of the future-oriented capital of Cyprus.

MAP Hotel Marios
Marios Polycarpou with the background of unique art pieces

On your arrival here, you will see the interwoven mind, soul, and corporal influences in the sharp lines of its lobby, the exquisite elegance of its suites, and the tranquil yet chic ambience of its restaurant offering a unique plunge into the world of Mediterranean cuisine with its sober decor and delicious food.

But it is for sure thanks to its unique art pieces that the balanced somewhat minimalist interior is so seductive as to become a byword for good taste.

MAP Hotel
Contemporary and artsy suite of MAP Hotel

In suites and even simple common areas, you can find pieces of art that are not just beautiful and intricate but which also attest to the unique forward-looking mindset of the hotel’s owner, Marios Polycarpou and emphasise the intended focus of tranquillity and community: the hotel’s art is for sure the best way to bridge different cultures, identities and lifestyles.

Reason number 5: Benefit from 24/7 room service

One of the utmost advantages of a stay in a futuristic MAP Hotel is the expert concierge service that ensures the utmost comfort and intimacy of your sojourn in the MAP.

You can feel the welcoming interest of the team of hospitality wizards that will be at your service on the shortest of notices.

Reason number 6: Customise your room experience digitally

Thanks to the hotel’s advanced digital footprint, you can fully customise your stay to craft a truly authentic ambience and create the decor of your choice even for the briefest of stays for a significant occasion.

To make your room decor at MAP Hotel customized according to your fancy, you can use our app and spice up your sojourn.

MAP Hotel
Modern interior of MAP Hotel

What is more, all the interior elements meet the latest ecological standards and are consistent with the most ambitious environmental targets. Jazz up your eco stay in the centre centre of Nicosia to make travelling a tribute to responsible consumption and refined elegance.

Reason number 7: Benefit from its potential as a venue for business and commerce

Since Nicosia is growing into one of Eurasia’s major commerce and fashion centres, your stay at the only boutique hotel in Nicosia, MAP Hotel, is a chance to gain useful contacts within the industries.

SCALE Restaurant as a modern venue for business

Like this, you can profit from the state-of-the-art boutique hotel facilities to further your business agenda and hold business meetings in a stylish environment.

Reason number 8: Perpetuate the quest for the green future

The MAP hotel is also a must on a responsible traveller’s bucket list for its huge contribution to sustainable tourism.

Nicosia MAP Hotel
Old town of Nicosia, Cyprus

In the process of building, the use of recyclables played a key role. Its modern cutting-edge facilities ensure the most frugal use of natural resources like water and set the standard for larger chains and other boutique hotels.

MAP Hotel
Eco-bathtub with city views at the MAP Hotel

Moreover, its posh restaurant, SCALE, has been trailblazing a path toward more locavore consumption, where only mostly organic ingredients are used, giving homage to local culture and traditional cuisine.

Keep in mind that this boutique hotel in Nicosia by itself is a local landmark thanks to green technologies harnessed in its construction and a sharp focus on sustainability. It is not just partly recycled materials used in its erection but also the eco-conscious use of natural resources that make the hotel a paragon of eco-conscious hospitality.