8 reasons why Cala di Greco sits amongst the best hotels in Corsica

October 7, 2022

The best hotels in Corsica are the ones that capture the beauty and luxurious essence of the place. Cala di Greco does this effortlessly, with the elegance of its architecture and design, the quality of its service and products, and its proximity to some of the most mesmerising beaches of France. 

There are no comfort limitations at one of the best hotels in Corsica. At the Cala di Greco Hotel, you can breathe fresh Mediterranean air as you float inside clear swimming pools or take a bike stroll in the surrounding areas. You can reconnect with your body through a yoga class, meditation session, or a professional massage. 

hotels in corsica
Welcoming entrance to Cala di Greco Boutique Hotel from Corsica

Explore the close-by city of Bonifacio and indulge in the local culture and architecture. At the end of the day, unwind in your private swimming pool or the secluded jacuzzi in the hotel. Rest over soft bed linens and feel at home inside your luxurious room. 

Reason #1: Enjoy the close-by beaches of Corsica

Bonifacio is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, and that’s why the best hotels in Corsica surround the area. Find bright, clear sand embracing the ocean’s turquoise waters, shining under the sunlight. Twenty-five beaches make up the paradise close to Cala di Greco, and you can explore as many as you wish. 

Each with its particular scenery and energy, these beaches have hosted celebrities and some of the most luxurious individuals in the world.  Explore the bay of Rondinara, the number one most beautiful beach in France, or walk along the creeks and archipelago of Fazzio, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Saleccia Beach, Corsica

Enjoy the location of Cala di Greco to access remote and hidden areas. Private beach corners will give you privacy and a sense of connection to nature. Swim on the still waters of the ocean and breath in the fresh air with the afternoon breeze. 

Reason #2: Explore your surroundings on an electric bike

Cala di Greco offers electric bikes free of charge so you can explore the surroundings of one of the best hotels in Corsica. Hop on a modern and fully autonomous bike and pedal your way across the most beautiful views in the area. 

Stroll through the beaches around the hotel and pass along the marina to see the elegance of anchored boats. Visit the streets of the upper town and enjoy the magic panoramas of nature. Stop by shops and bakeries and grab a snack while watching the Mediterranean.

hotels in corsica
Electric bikes at the courtesy of Cala di Greco

Reason #3: Indulge in evening cocktails and morning breakfast on the terrace

Indulge in refreshing and creative cocktails on the terrace or by the pool in one of the best hotels in Corsica. Order from the selection of snacks and sweets that celebrate Corsica’s fresh ingredients and specialities. Taste charcuterie, cheeses, a la carte, and local products as you relax under the atmosphere of the Mediterranean sea. 

hotels in corsica
Refreshing breakfast to start your day off the right foot at Cala di Greco

Have your breakfast by the heated swimming pool or in the privacy of your room. Savour the delicacies on the menu and taste the freshness of every ingredient. Homemade pastries, bread, dried fruits, cereals, eggs, and Corsican specialities like canistrelli and jams bring adorn your table. Hot drinks and fresh fruit juices decorate the beverage menu. 

In the bar area, find bartenders that attend to your needs and preferences, crafting creative cocktails that cherish the seasonal availability of fruits and garnishes. Enjoy a refreshing drink by the pool and snacks that satisfy your appetite.

hotels in corsica
Homemade elegant cocktails at Cala di Greco

Reason #4: Float in the Cala di Greco‘s swimming pools and jacuzzi

Start your morning by overlooking the city of Bonifacio in clear waters, and have breakfast by the pool as you breathe in the fresh air from the maquis and ivory cliffs. Float on the still blue waters of Cala di Greco’s pools. Unwind in one of the two large swimming pools in one of the best hotels in Corsica, always heated to the perfect temperature to keep you relaxed and comfortable. 

hotels in corsica
Panoramic views from the hotel’s pool

Let the energy of the mediterranean sea wash over you, releasing any tension or stress that might be weighing you down. Float weightless on the waters of the counter-current system of one of the pools.

hotels in corsica
Evening vibes at Cala di Greco’s outdoor pool

There are also private pools in some of the suites, where you adjust the temperature and settings according to your mood. Relax your muscles and mind inside the jacuzzi while overlooking Catena Bay.

Reason #5: Explore the historical city of Bonifacio

Bonifacio is a historical city hidden between white cliffs and the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. With medieval architecture and rich history, the upper town offers a journey through time with unique panoramas and a stunning fortress watching over the ocean. Staircases and mazes of old stone make up the city, a blend of natural beauty and rich Corsican culture. 

Cala di Greco Bonifacio
Breathtaking Bonifacio from the bird’s perspective

Visit the five churches of Bonifacio and sense the fraternity of styles and beliefs, embracing Romanesque, Gothic, and neo-Byzantine architecture. Attend the market at the city’s heart and purchase clothes, accessories, and items from local artisans. Taste typical flavours of Corsica and indulge in seasonal freshness.

Sit at a café or restaurant terrace and watch as the sun disappears on the horizon. Hotels in Corsica all know the power of Bonifacio’s history over those who decide to visit. 

European honeymoon destination
Panoramic views at Bonifacio from Cala di Greco’s garden

Reason #6: Find mindfulness in Cala di Greco‘s yoga classes

The best hotels in Corsica are the ones that can help you connect with your sacred energy. At Cala di Grego, you can find a balance of body and soul with the hotel’s yoga classes and meditation sessions. Professional guidance will take you on a journey through self-awareness and tranquillity, using ancient and modern techniques from different styles around the world. 

hotels in corsica
Yoga classes with Mediterranean views from Cala di Greco Hotel

Feel connected to nature and the earth’s power while breathing in southern Corsica’s fresh air. Listen to the music of the waves and feel the maquis’ aroma as you give in to the energy surrounding you. Overlook the Golfe de Bonifacio as you bend into yoga poses or work on your breathing during a guided meditation session. 

Reason #7: Book a private boat trip

Cala di Greco offers the opportunity to explore the turquoise waters of southern Corsica aboard a luxurious and spacious boat. Leave one of the best hotels in Corsica to troll and sail by some of the most paradisiac beaches of the region.

hotels in corsica
Boat trip over Corsica by Cala di Greco

Be seduced by the small islands floating over the water, like Lavezzi with all its greenery or the Sardinian island of Maddalena. Relax on the deck and combine comfort with luxury and extreme safety. Refresh yourself with drinks and catch some sunlight as you sail through the waters of the Mediterranean.

Many hotels in Corsica know that the ocean water holds a special power over the hearts of visitors. Cala di Greco is always a step ahead, offering the most immersive experience of them all. 

Reason #8: Relax with a professional massage

Unwind with a professional and relaxing wellness massage at Cala di Greco’s spa. Indulge in beauty treatments that work with the best quality products, and feel the day end as you rest under the dim lighting and soft music surrounding you. 

The treatments, inspired by a compilation of some of the best wellness traditions in the world, will provide you with extreme comfort. You can choose to book a massage in the solitude of your private balcony, resting as you breathe in the air of Southern Corsica

hotels in corsica
Beauty products from Cala di Greco’s wellness corner

Reason #9: Admire the natural setting and architecture of the hotel

Cala di Greco, one of the best hotels in Corsica, has nature as its protagonist. Surrounded by olive trees, immersive greenery, and the ocean breeze, the hotel will allow you to feel connected to earth as elegantly and subtly as possible. Wood furniture and stone interiors highlight the Corsican beauty and essence. 

hotels in corsica
Exiting Cala di Greco Boutique Hotel

The hotel, nestled in the landscape of Bonifacio, will transport you to a new state of mind, where you practice the art of letting go and becoming one with the atmosphere around you. With a minimalistic architecture that balances nature and design, Cala di Greco will calm your senses and allow you to return to life’s calm essence.

hotels in corsica
The elegant yet chic interior design of Cala di Greco