Bisos Ospitalità Diffusa: The realized eco dream in the heart of Sardinia

Bisos in Sardinian means a dream, so it is not surprising that Bisos Ospitalità Diffusa Eco-sostenibile is not just a place, but a dream that came true. A cosy family nest, located in the heart of Paulilatino, offers an unforgettable holiday in the best traditions of Sardinia.

The majestic building from the second half of the 19th century, located in a small town, fully conveys the flavour of the city. Throughout its history, the hotel was functioning as a bazaar and even as a drinks factory, but one thing remains unchangeable – the house has been run only by women. Now, the mistress and soul of the house is Chiara, who will be proud to tell you the rich, centuries-old history of the estate.

Recently, this boutique hotel has been renovated by the owner – bio architect Francesco, following the principles of green building. That helps Bisos Ospitalità Diffusa to stay in harmony with the resplendent natural environment and also does not make any harm to it. All food, served at the hotel, is made exclusively from local products, by the skilful hands of Sicilian women.

6 Rooms
  • Asking Chiara about the rich history of the hotel on the cosy terrace
  • Immersing in the local atmosphere and tasting organic, homemade food
  • Living in a 100% eco-sustainable historic house in Sardinia
  • Visiting families and tasting all the variety of traditional Sardinian dishes prepared according to original recipes
  • Enjoying masterpieces from the local artists of the island

Rooms Overview

This boutique hotel in Sardinia provides 6 luxurious apartments furnished with items made of environmentally friendly materials and fabrics.

The headboards whose designs recall the wrought iron lunettes of the doorways are wrapped with a thread of Sardinian wool dyed with herbs, according to ancient alchemical recipes. Each room, Apposentu, has a headboard of a specific colour, which sets the tone for the room and defines its name.

S’Apposentu Birde

2 guests Accessible by stairs Private terrace

Birde in Sardinian means green. The colour of this room symbolizes the blooming nature of the island and will give you a feeling of inner peace and tranquillity. A unique brick ceiling and painted floor tiles give the room a vintage vibe, while a large balcony provides a breath-taking view of the fountain square.

S’Apposentu Ruju

2 guests Accessible by stairs View into the city

Ruju in Sardinian means red. This large double room on the second floor with a picturesque view of the main street will conquer your heart with its bright character, decorated floors and a frescoed vault.

S’Apposentu Grogu

2 guests Balcony View into the city

Grogu in Sardinian means yellow. This bright and spacious room, equipped with a small bathroom, provides two balconies with a captivating view of the fountain square.

S’Apposentu Murru

2 guests Accessible by stairs Private terrace

Murru in Sardinian means white. Immerse yourself in the rustic vibe of a room set by an antique fireplace, exposed beams, woven, hand-made baskets and miniature figurines, which perfectly complement the interior. The main jam of the room is a private terrace, which gifts you a captivating panoramic view of the surrounding rooftops.

S’Apposentu Nieddu

2 guests Accessible by stairs Private access

Nieddu in Sardinian means black, and this colour in all its shades characterizes the room. A jam of the room is a king-size round bed under a wooden vault, which guarantees a night of sound sleep and a pleasant morning. The room is also decorated with old-styled wickerwork, wooden candlesticks, and furniture, created by the owner of the house.

S’Apposentu Bialittu

2-3 guests Balcony View into the city

Biaittu in Sardinian means blue. This spacious room with a large bathroom on the ground floor is a perfect variant for families with children. The main distinctive feature of the room is its amazing fresco on the vault, implemented with images of people, flowers and geometric patterns.

Services and facilities

Air conditioning
Dining on demand
Laundry Service
Non smoking rooms
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Taste the flavors

Cena in famiglia – meal with locals

Bisos Ospitalitá Diffusa provides you with a unique opportunity to be invited to a dinner party with local families. Each house has its own unique dishes prepared according to traditional recipes that were carefully inherited from one generation to another. Do not miss the opportunity to try them all!


Nothing will make your morning more enjoyable than a cup of aromatic coffee with a piece of just-baked biscuit. Sit on the cosy terrace and enjoy a large variety of homemade cheeses, cakes, yoghurts and biscuits, listening to birds singing and admiring all the beauty of the local nature.

About sustainability


Olive Tree is often a symbol of success, as sustainability seems embedded into the property’s identity and DNA.

  • The hotel is fully eco-sustainable and produces 0% emissions.
  • Everything is made with the use of environmentally friendly materials and fabrics, while plastic is totally banned.
  • All dishes are prepared exclusively from homemade products supplied by local farmers and butchers.
  • Special Rete Ecoturismo Sardegna network was created by the Bisos Ospitalitá Diffusa for its guests and provides more than 100 operators around the island.

Explore the location

Located in the centre of the Paulilatino comune, in the heart of the island, Bisos Ospitalitá Diffusa provides excellent opportunities to explore the region. The architectural masterpiece of Sardinia - Santa Cristina sacred well is just 10 minutes drive away.

Sea lovers can relax and enjoy the sunset at the charming Iki Beach, magnificent Alghero Beach or the picturesque Budelli. For outdoor enthusiasts, the hotel organizes horse riding, homemade dinners with local families, as well as excursions and lessons about local culture.

Explore the area like a local!

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