Experience a tranquil interlude infused with the rich culture of the eternal city at the Glance in Rome Boutique Hotel

Situated in Via Genova, right in the heart of the city, Glance in Rome is a hub of Roman hospitality. This exquisite boutique hotel was converted from luxury apartments to elegant suites that it has at present.

It strikes you with a high-quality décor steeped in architecture that showcases a Rome of the 21st century. The intricately designed wallpapers and soft overhead lighting bring a calm feeling and provide the soothing getaway you signed up for.

Each spacious room welcomes you with options for climate control. Also, you can choose to either enjoy the courtyard view or experience the sights of the street while ensconced in your cozy room.

If you wish to explore, you will find that the hotel is located close to all the major spots. First, indulge your tastebuds with delicious gelato from the several gelaterias around. Then, take a stroll to the old Trajan markets and immerse yourself in the detailed history of the shopping malls of old.

After a delightful night’s rest, refresh your palate with the hearty Italian buffet available and feel at home as the helpful staff caters to your nutritional requests.

Boutique Hotel
7 Rooms
  • Devouring the sumptuous delicacies prepared in the Italian buffet
  • Sipping chilled champagne in an elegantly designed room while enjoying a spectacular view of the courtyard
  • Partaking in the rich culture of Rome by using the helpful concierge service to book historical tours and entertaining opera shows
  • Receiving top-notch hospitality services from the welcoming staff

Rooms Overview

At the Glance in Rome Boutique Hotel, the rooms offer tranquil spaces that would ease your worries and soothe tired muscles. Each room is ensuite and equipped with luxurious bathrooms where you can have refreshing showers with sweet-scented soaps. Have a soothing nap in the plush beds, surrounded by warm lighting and tasteful wallpapers that envelop you in an aura of peace.


2 guests Connecting rooms option View into the courtyard

This suite unveils a cosy space with a restful ambience. It features two rooms in separate areas with a connecting door between them. Every part of the room, from the elegantly rounded lights to the leafy patchwork designs on the pillows, has complimentary touches that blend harmoniously to provide a feeling of comfort.


3 guests View into the city

Relax in an air-conditioned suite that screams luxury at a glance. Bask in a combination of wide comfy beds in different spaces, exquisitely designed wallpaper that is made to match the interior décor of the suite alongside grey colored tilework that provides a modern feeling in a capacious bathroom. Look out the large windows, lounge on the sofa bed beside it while reading a paperback novel or magazine, and wake up your taste buds with a steaming cup of coffee.


3 guests Connecting rooms option View into the city

Every inch of this room embodies the term deluxe intertwined with homely comfort. From the wood-panelled flooring, gold-plated furnishings, and wide glass mirrors to the intricately designed wall decorations. Enjoy the views of the city from the comfort of your bed while sipping velvety red wine from the well-stocked minibar.


3 guests One-bedroom suite View into the city

Step into understated elegance with this suite available at the Glance in Rome Boutique Hotel. Revel in the demure colours surrounding the room, filling it with a soothing ambience for premium relaxation with features such as rectangular light bulbs, a pristine wine-coloured shelf, and engraved stone carvings. This room is an aesthetic delight for connoisseurs of beautiful things.


4 guests Connecting rooms option View into the city

Immerse yourself in the unique experience that this suite provides. It features one large king-sized bed and a queen-sized bed placed side by side. The rooms are also equipped with wooden floorings and stylish overhead lighting, providing a charming atmosphere.

Services and facilities

Modern design
Pets friendly
Air conditioning
Family rooms
Laundry Service
Non smoking rooms
Wellness services
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Taste the flavors

Breakfast Room

Start your mornings with breakfast made from fresh ingredients at this Glance in Rome’s tastefully designed dining room. Down a cup of delicious cappuccino and savour warm, doughy croissants that will tantalize your tastebuds. An array of food and drinks such as orange juice, crispy toast, flavourful pastries, scrambled eggs, and bacon are some of the other options available on the menu.

About sustainability


Thyme, the treasured herb, indicates that the property follows local legislation with regard to the environment and has implemented a few eco-friendly common practices.

  • The breakfast menu features delicacies made from locally sourced ingredients from the surrounding community.
  • The boutique hotel prioritizes eco-friendly practices by implementing a no-smoking rule on the premises to curb the effects of harmful environmental pollutants.
  • The Glance in Rome Hotel is steeped in several old architectural designs and serves as a pathway to other well-preserved historical sites.
  • It is located a short distance from central tourist locations so the hotel provides a source of revenue for tour guides in the city.

Explore the location

The central location of the Glance in Rome Boutique Hotel is one of its star attractions. First, you can take a 10-mins walk to the Trevi fountain, which showcases beautiful stone sculptures and honour an age-long tradition by tossing a coin in the silvery depths of the fountain. Then, enjoy the enthralling voices on display at Roma Opera House. To get the most out of the show bookings, you can ask the staff for help.

Take a short stroll to the Piazza Della Repubblica, where the iconic scenes of the classical 1953 movie 'Roman Holiday' were shot. Go on hot air balloon trips and exciting horse rides made accessible at Rome central park, a short distance from the boutique hotel. Unwind at the Rhoni Monti, the birthplace of Julius Caesar, and feed your eyes on the wonderful art pieces displayed.

The city is a mine of historical sites and delightful touristy spots. So, if you're up for it, lace up your boots and start exploring.

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