Nestled in the heart of Carcassonne, Hotel du Chateau promises relaxation in historic French bliss

Hotel du Chateau is located in the center of Carcassone in the gorgeous environs of France. The boutique hotel promises an unforgettable experience entangled in luxurious comfort. Run by a family of seven, the hotel offers utter delight in travel.

Step into the hotel premises while admiring the close-up view of the Carcassone castles and revel in the warm welcome from the staff and the hotel pets. The skillful splash of colors is evident across every wall in the hotel, and the patterns are no different.

Settle into your comfy sofa or bed with your luggage in the simplistic yet efficient closet. Step towards the window and enjoy the cool Carcassone bridge against your skin. Then glide into the stunning bathroom and relax in the bathtub or shower for a taste of Carcassonne comfort.

When the morning comes, enjoy some delicious delicacies for breakfast which the hotel staff will bring to you in bed. You can head to the spa to start your day on a calm, cool and tranquil note or just step out of the boutique hotel and into the city.

The medieval city is a site to see, from its carefully crafted stone walls to its pointy roofs. And if you’re up for something new, head to the Bastide Saint Louis and let the exploration begin.

Regardless of where you choose to go or what you decide to do, Carcassonne has an array of exciting adventures waiting for you, and Hotel du Chateau is here to accommodate you throughout.

Hôtel du Château
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Adam MAdam M
13:50 15 Aug 23
The location is great. You practically fall into the Middeval castle when yiu leave the hotel. The staff and manger/owner are all very friendly. The rooms are quite expensive for however, and as small as a shoe box. The is a huge mosquito problem in the area and the pool are is a little sad with the pool in the shade
08:36 28 Jun 23
Worth noting there is NO luggage storage at the hotel. This means that if you arrive before your room is ready, you have to awkwardly leave your luggage in everyone’s view in the lobby which stressed me out! There’s not really a corner you can leave it in either, you just leave it in the middle and it’s honor system I guess. Plan accordingly. For dining, the service was very, very slow and many things were forgotten, however the concierge/reception was alright.Room was dim downstairs, but there were windows you could open.The good: the location is excellent. You can walk in and out of the city with ease, and the views from the dining area are gorgeous. Pool access is good + enjoyed it!
Evelyne ZoonematEvelyne Zoonemat
17:20 09 Jun 23
Good modern hotel. Spa amenities if you want. Lovely location close to la cite.Huge breakfast. Nice lounging area. Lovely.
Malcolm HouseMalcolm House
10:34 06 May 23
Very beautiful and relaxing location with a breathtaking vue of Carcassonne Castle. The staff are very friendly and polite. Would definitely stay again.
neville threaderneville threader
16:29 11 Oct 22
Has the best view outside the city. Rooms are a bit small and colour choices 'interesting'. We asked for a quiet room but between the footpath opposite our window, path from the carport with its steel gate and hotel door - not so quiet until pretty late in the night.
Boutique Hotel
17 Rooms
  • Walking across the lush green grounds to the Cité de Carcassonne
  • The welcoming and guest-oriented boutique hotel staff
  • The incredible view of the medieval city right out of the Hotel du Chateau’s entrance
  • Unwinding in the hotel’s jacuzzi after a well-deserved spa day
  • Carefully thought out wall patterns and colours across the room

Rooms Overview

Hotel du Chateau’s 17 rooms are elegant, with breathtaking patterned walls and stunning furniture. Each room offers serenity in comfort with its comfortable beds or sofa. And when you’re up for a little alone time, you can slide into the shower or bathtub for a well-deserved relaxation.

Junior Suite

2 guests Private pool View into the garden

The Junior Suite promises luxury with the additional room area so you can relax on the sofa. Waltz into the private terrace situated right outside the room or walk into the serene pool. Then relax in the glorious bathtub or shower.

Deluxe Room

2 guests Private terrace View into the pool

The closeness to the pool contributes to the calm, serene environment as you step into the boutique hotel’s Deluxe Room. Admire the carefully crafted vaulted ceiling or just revel in the remarkable play of light. If you’re up for it, you can enjoy some quiet time on the private terrace.

Superior Room

3 guests View into the garden

The boutique hotel has this room entangled in luxurious comfort. Run your fingers across the beautifully patterned wall and admire the skilful show of colours. Then settle into the comfortable sofa for screen time after the day’s exploration.

Classic Room

2 guests Reduce mobility friendly View into the city

Hotel du Chateau’s Classic Room promises luxury in its small way as the room exudes cosiness intertwined with luxury. Step into the gorgeous bathroom separated by a large glass panel, making it the perfect choice for a romantic getaway.

Standard Room

2 guests View into the garden

The cool-coloured walls perfectly accentuate the bold yet subtle linen in the hotel’s Standard Room. You are transported into tranquillity as you lay in your bed, especially with the immaculate ceiling above you. Enter the beautifully tiled bathroom for a relaxing unwind.

Services and facilities

Pets friendly
Air conditioning
Family rooms
Laundry Service
Non smoking rooms
Wellness services
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Taste the flavors


Wake up to the cool Carcassonne breeze and relax in your room as breakfast is delivered to your bed. Enjoy some stunning Carcassonne delicacies and relish the tingling of your taste buds. You may as well take your delicious meal out to your private terrace and revel in the cool Carcassonne morning breeze.

Hotel Lounge Bar

If you’re up for a small drink, step into the Hotel du Chateau’s lounge and relax in the soothing atmosphere. Relish the luscious wine collection and perhaps consume a bottle of Coupe médiévale. And if you’re up for a bit of comfort, settle on the delicious cappuccino.

About sustainability


Like the fig tree roots, the property is constantly addressing many sustainable tourism areas and excelling in most fields.

  • The boutique hotel stays true to french history as it incorporates this into its interior decor.
  • Gemology Spa by Chrystelle Lannoy has its skincare products crafted from trace elements through sophisticated mineral liquefaction techniques. These extracted natural and active ingredients contribute to the efficacy of the treatment.
  • One of two owners, Stephane, shares her passion for local products by offering locally sourced wines and as many regional ingredients as possible in the hotel’s cuisine. 
  •  In the renovation of the hotel’s building, the owners had a goal of marrying tradition with modernity, and they did so by preserving as many old walls and lush greenery as possible.

Explore the location

Just 3 minutes from Hotel du Chateau lies the UNESCO site in all its french medieval glory. Explore the nook and cranny of the centuries-old city and transport in a historical edifice. You can take a 5-minute walk to see the breathtaking church, Église Saint-Nazaire.

You can take a trip to the new city of Bastide Saint Louis and take a guided tour across the beautiful french streets. You can start with a game at the golf course, visit the tennis, and hike across the numerous trails.

When you’re done trailing the stunning tracks, you can relax at the bar and enjoy a panoramic view over the drawbridge of the fortified ramparts.

Explore the area like a local!

The Salvaza Airport is situated just 3 miles away from Hotel du Chateau, while Mazamet Airport lies 24 miles away.

Book a trusted local driver for your transfer to and from the hotel, and introduce you to the destination, pre-order travel essentials, and get all your questions answered before or during the trip. Choose the stops, visit the attractions, and don't waste any time waiting. We‘ve partnered with Welcome Pickups, the first company to deliver a holistic, in-destination travel experience.

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