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A timeless journey into beauty of Cyprus

Cyprus is a piece of paradise where majestic mountains with centuries-old coniferous forests are only an hour's drive away from the Mediterranean Sea's azure beaches. Try the local cuisine, learn about ancient traditions, immerse yourself in the culture of the island, and make the best of your stay with our selection of the best boutique hotels in Cyprus.

When to go?

The mild climate of Cyprus makes it a boutique holiday destination all year round. Every season on the island is beautiful in its own way and has a lot of pleasant advantages. During the winter months, the temperature reaches its minimum, and as soon as the peaks of the Troodos mountains become covered with crunchy snow, the ski season is declared open. If you want to feel the charm of the spring and visit local attractions, then the best time to visit Cyprus is April or May. At this time, the temperature does not rise above 30 something degrees, which is perfect for travelling around the island. Cypriots never mind having fun and hold large-scale carnivals dedicated to the arrival of spring. The most colourful parties are arranged on May 6 in Paphos, Larnaca and Limassol, where people go to the main streets and celebrate their national festival of flowers - Anfestiria. The beach season starts in early June and ends by mid-autumn. The water becomes pleasantly warm and a few hours on the beach guarantee a perfect tan.

Practical tips

Greek and Turkish. English is widely used too.
The currency is EURO. You can find ATMs in most places, even some villages. Paying with a card is always an option.
You can easily rent a car, bike, driver or use a taxi. Having a car or a driver is highly recommended as public transport isn't well developed.
Traditional cuisine is Cypriot, that very similar to Greek. Some of the local meat specialities are stifado, souvlaki, summer lamb delight - kleftiko. Island is known for fresh choice of sea food in taverns and a wide choice of vegetarian dishes (called "fasting dishes"). The best way to try it all is ordering meze in a local restaurant.
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Do & See: What to Expect in Cyprus

Cyprus is a place of contrasts, where the charm of virgin nature goes hand in hand with the innovations of the modern world. Despite the small extent of the island, the number of charming places with breathtaking views is truly inexhaustible. Baths of Aphrodite, where the goddess secretly met her lover, the god of fertility Adonis, the Tombs of the kings, carved from stone in the fourth century BC, the Settlement of Choirokoitia, preserved from the Neolithic age - are just a small part of the rich historical heritage of Cyprus, which is defiantly worth to see.

However, the main attraction of the island is the uncountable number of fascinating beaches with breathtaking views and crystal blue water of the Mediterranean sea. The most romantic of them is Petra Tou Romiou. Also known as Aphrodite's Beach, this small paradise is shrouded in secrecy by many legends and myths and amazes with its charming beauty.


Where to stay in Cyprus

Lazaros Stonehouse

Lazaros Stonehouse

Cyprus, Lefkara
MAP Hotel

MAP Hotel

Cyprus, Nicosia
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