Best Greek Islands for Honeymoon

May 26, 2022

Greek islands are what honeymoon dreams are made of, in every sense of the word. Sparkling blue waters, iconic cliffside villages, luxury boutique hotels, and endless amounts of fine feasts.

With more than 250 inhabited islands, honeymooners are spoiled for choice. Each island offers a unique experience with different scenery, culture, and food. Loved up couples can spend their days lounging on private beaches, dining at 5-star eateries, or simply seek solitude in a luxurious cave dwelling.

Greek islands for honeymoon

Greek islands promise to deliver the most unforgettable Greek honeymoon, no matter the experience you seek out. Here is a look at all the most fabulous places for the best honeymoon on Greek Islands.

Honeymoon on Santorini

Arguably the most famous of the Greek Islands for honeymoon, Santorini is a honeymooner’s delight. The west-facing whitewashed caldera villages with blue-domed churches serve as a backdrop for the most striking sunset in all of Greece.

 Honeymoon on greek islands, Santorini Fira town
Couple’s photoshoot in Fira Town of Santorini

The capital town of Fira is a vibrant and bustling central hop-off point from where honeymooners can venture out to smaller villages. Oia is the most popular of the towns, most revered for its romantic atmosphere and luxury boutique hotels.

The island isn’t particularly known for its beaches but in the south, there are a few spectacular enclaves with unique sand and rock formations. Honeymooners should make a trip to Eros beach, however, as Eros was the god of sensual love and desire after all.

 Honeymoon on greek islands, Santorini
White-cobbled houses at the edge of Santorini island

The island has set the standard for honeymoon destinations, especially when it comes to the unbeatable and private locations of boutique hotels. Athina Luxury Suites has a honeymoon suite that is the most idyllic hideaway for a loved-up couple. Soak away the days in the privacy of your own Jacuzzi or stare into the sunset from your private terrace.

Aenaon Villas offer similarly secluded rooms with minimalist rooms and private cave pools. The lack of clutter leaves space for couples to focus on what matters most, quality time together.

 Honeymoon on greek islands, Perivolas Boutique Hotel
Astonishing caldera from the infinity pool of Perivolas Boutique Hotel, Santorini

For a traditional atmosphere, book a stay at Perivolas Boutique Hotel with rooms carved into the volcanic rock. The calm curves of the ceiling, refined white interiors, and mirror-like reflection on the clear private pools will offer unbridled relaxation and luxury.

Honeymoon on Mykonos

Couples looking for a more action-filled honeymoon love the bustling island of Mykonos. The island is renowned for its active nightlife scene and white sandy beaches brimming with bathing bodies.

 Honeymoon on greek islands, Kensho Ornos
Tranquillity from the private terrace with jacuzzi in Kensho Ornos

Kensho Ornos is the perfect boutique hotel for honeymooners looking for privacy but also who want to be close to all the action. Book into their deluxe room with a private plunge pool to experience true luxury in the heart of Ornos.

 Honeymoon on greek islands, Oniro Suites Mykonos
Cosy and warm suite from Oniro Suites Mykonos

The honeymoon suite at Trinity Mykonos is perfect for couples who want to escape to a more remote corner of the island. The town of Platis Gialos is just far enough removed from the chaos of Mykonos town and the hotel is situated above a private beach for undisturbed sunbathing.

 Honeymoon on greek islands, Trinity Mykonos
Sunset at Trinity Mykonos boutique hotel

Oniro Suites is close to the iconic windmills of Mykonos in the capital, Mykonos Town. The combination of natural materials and uninterrupted sea views creates a calm and idyllic atmosphere where honeymooners can unwind with the help of bespoke converge services.

Honeymoon on Andros

Andros is one of the largest islands in the Cyclades and sits the furthest north of them all. Andros Town is a charming yet slightly cosmopolitan capital city with a laid-back atmosphere that dominates.

 Honeymoon on greek islands, Andros lighthouse
Famous Andros lighthouse

The island is unlike other Greek islands as it has an abundance of fresh water sources and lush vegetation. Couples who enjoy a rustic and remote getaway will enjoy the privacy that Andros and its secluded beaches offer.

 Honeymoon on greek islands, Micra Anglia
Romantic master suite of Micra Anglia

Micra Anglia Andros offers the best of both worlds with neo-classical architecture and modern comforts. Three 19th century mansions serve as the luxurious setting for the large suites filled with unexpected details. The glass-sided tiered infinity pool is a magical illusion, built for romance and lavishness.

 Honeymoon on greek islands, Ktima Lemonides
Lovely cottages of Ktima Lemonides

Tucked away in Mesaria is another boutique hotel, this time nestled in the Androsian countryside. Bask in the scent of lemon trees heaving with fruit and stay in delightful restored farm cottages at Ktima Lemonies. This three-acre plot will become a home away from home for couples looking for a fully restorative experience, living the slow life in the Greek countryside.

Honeymoon on Naxos

Naxos is the most central island of the Cyclades and boasts the longest beach of any of the Greek isles. The white sandy coast stretches for more than 90km, all the while being tenderly caressed by crystalline azure waters.

 Honeymoon on greek islands, Mountains Naxos ELaiolithos
Naxos mountains landscape, view from ELaiolithos

The island is blessed with bountiful crops and undulating hills creating an inspiring landscape. This is amongst the top Greek islands for honeymoon for foodies and nature lovers. The green valleys of the island seamlessly blend in with the blue coast when viewed from the top of Mount Zas. Greek islands for honeymoon

 Honeymoon on greek islands, ELaiolithos Naxos
Lunch with romantic views from ELaiolithos boutique hotel

Soak in panoramic views to all sides from ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat’s privileged location in Drimalia. Savour the field to fork cuisine and enjoy an eco-friendly environment where guests are encouraged to feel the rhythm of nature on Naxos.

Honeymoon on Crete

The largest of all the Greek islands is unbeatably accessible and has the widest variety of options for honeymooners. The island has everything from pristine beaches to endless hiking opportunities, nightlife, and marvellous places to stay.

Honeymoon on greek islands , Crete
The coastline of Crete’s white-sand beaches

The island is one of the few that offers year-round accommodation and even shoulder seasons offer plenty for couples to do. A day spent on Elafonisi Beach is one of the highlights for many as the pink sand of the beach is like nothing you have seen before.

Honeymoon on greek islands, Elafonisi beach Crete
Elafonisi beach with pink sands, Crete

This is a great island if couples don’t want to island-hop too much and experience everything that Greek islands are known for in one place. Stroll through cobbled alleyways in small towns or discover hilltop fortresses, or seek out ancient history in any of the fantastic island museums.

The slew of family-owned tavernas is another selling point of this diverse island. Taste handmade baklava soaked in golden sugary syrup or opt for deliciously crumbly and salty feta.