Best Honeymoon Destination in the Mediterranean

February 17, 2021

The best honeymoon destination in the Mediterranean

Your honeymoon just might be the most memorable holiday of your life. And after all the stress of planning and executing your wedding, you will need some rest and pampering before embarking on your next big adventure; marriage.  

The Mediterranean is a honeymooner’s dream with crystal clear waters hugging the shoreline occupied with dreamy villages. Countries in this region are known for their robust flavours, vibrant colours and delectable wines. Even more, you can spend your days lounging on pebbled beaches or explore ancient cultures that once occupied the land.  


Greece is a favourite amongst doting couples for that exact reason. Even across the ocean, you can opt for a more adventurous destination like Tunisia. Emulating Santorini, Tunis offers attractive boutique accommodations with cultural flair unique to the country. 

If the idea of a romantic bike ride through the Tuscan hills appeals to you, maybe a visit to Florence is the answer. You can drink wine under the Tuscan sun and see Renaissance works from all the greats. Or learn to speak the language of love and head to France where the French Riviera offers equally romantic stays. 

The Mediterranean also offers pristine island destinations such as Malta off the coast of Italy or many Greek islands including Mykonos and Naxos. You can island hop and explore various communities or settle down at a stylish villa and bask in lazy days and delicious food. 

Whatever you and your partner are in the mood for, the Mediterranean is bound to serve it up. It is undoubtedly one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world as you are spoiled for choice when it comes to attractions and accommodation. Now the difficult choice is, which hotel to choose? 

Choose the right hotel for your honeymoon

Boutique hotel stays are without question the best choice for your honeymoon. They offer personable service with luxury amenities and ensure you stay in the utmost comfort. But just like you, each hotel is unique and offers something different to suit your needs. Here are some of the key things you need to consider: 

 A View 

Nothing screams romantic like waking up in a plush bed in a room with billowing curtains overlooking the ocean. Look no further than Athina Suites in Santorini. The rooms lead out to your private balcony where you can lounge in the Jacuzzi or bathe in the sun. Your sea view is unobstructed and the rooms are peaceful, making you wish you will never leave. 

Breakfast in Bed 

Do you really want to get out of bed bright and early and rush to a crowded dining hall on your honeymoon? Didn’t think so. Why not opt for a hotel where you will be served breakfast in bed every morning and you never have to worry about leaving your room before noon. At Foundry Suites in Athensyou will receive decadent and freshly baked cheese pie every morning along with organic produce in a stylish breakfast basket. 

On-site Extras

Part of the boutique hotel appeal is getting tailored experiences for your exact needs. La Verrière is located in the rustic Mount Ventoux area of Provence. A stay on this estate will spoil you with a wealth of on-site activities including a wine-tasting experience, access to a pristine pool and a chance to get your blood pumping on the tennis court. They also have a Petanque court and fitness centre. Their wealth of activities on-site will ensure that there is never a dull moment. 


If you have narrowed down the country you want to visit, take into consideration what you would like to see while you are there. Do you want to spend all your time stretched out on the beach away from the crowds or do you want to explore the countryside and historical places of interest? Moon and Stars in Athens are close to many major attractions in this ancient city and a visit to the Acropolis is a quick cab ride away. But Athens also offers excellent beaches which means you can just as easily spend a day or 5 reclining in the sun.  

Go off the beaten track 

Many couples opt to stay away from quintessentially romantic destinations. Rather, you could head to a country like Morocco where you can enjoy a more authentic experience all while being pampered with the boutique hotel package. Riad Princess Karmela in Marrakech effortlessly blends warm earthy décor with a luxurious hotel experience. They offer local excursions to show you all the exciting attractions in this vibrant city. You can also enjoy their massage and wellness services from the comfort of your own room.