The charming Hôtel Signature Saint-Germain des Prés, located in the heart of Paris, welcomes you with an enchanting home away from home experience

Nestled in the heart of France, Hôtel Signature Saint-Germain des Prés promises a truly peculiar feeling as you are situated in a perfect imitation of a Parisian home. The Pringent family transformed the hotel Apollon Montparnasse into a warm new boutique hotel on rue Chomel, ready to make your stay in the city of lights unforgettable.

The cool French breeze brushes past your cheeks as you arrive at rue Chomel, and a Parisian home laced with history awaits you. Step into the boutique hotel and accept the warm welcome by the hotel staff situated at the reception. Then admire the bold wall colours and patterns as you find your way to your cosy room. Settle into the vicinity and leap into the bathtub or walk-in shower for a well-deserved bath with the hotel’s complimentary L’Occitane toiletries.

In the cool Paris evenings, walk over to your balcony, or patio, or simply take a seat by the double glazing window and relish the Parisian atmosphere. Then gently transition into the comfort of your bed and drift into an enchanting sleep in the Hotel Signature Saint-Germaine des Pres.

As the sun rises on rue Chomel, take a step into the boutique hotel’s cheerful breakfast room and stuff your face with a variety of delicacies like some traditional baguettes from the local baker or some arabica coffee by Jura. Then you can go ahead and explore the wonders of the city of lights, Paris.

Boutique Hotel
26 Rooms
  • Admiring the interior design of the boutique hotel, which combines modernity with a retro vibe
  • Enjoying the mouthwatering cuisine at the French restaurant handpicked by the hotel owners and staff
  • Savouring the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the hotel in the morning's cool weather
  • The warm atmosphere and impeccable cleanliness that permeate the entire Hotel Signature St. Germaine des Pres' premises
  • Taking a cool evening stroll at the bucolic Luxembourg Garden situated only a few minutes from the boutique hotel

Rooms Overview

Hôtel Signature Saint-Germain des Prés is endowed with 26 gorgeous rooms decorated with a mesmerising mid-century vibe. The beautiful bright colours contrast perfectly with the wooden floors of some of the rooms. A glance outside the window transports you to a cool courtyard, the bustling view of the city of lights or a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower.

As you step into the room, you are greeted with a warm and cosy feeling by the twin, queen, or king bed lying in wait for you. Then, a couple of paces forward, the L’Occitane toiletries are in place to immerse you in tranquillity as you wash away in the bathtub or walk-in shower.

The Prestige Room

2 guests View into the courtyard

The prestige room was designed to make you feel at home miles away from home. Settle into the luxurious king-sized bed after unloading your luggage into the spacious wardrobe. Unwind with a sip of coffee from the courtesy tray in the sitting area. The Hôtel Signature Saint-Germain des Prés ensures the harnessing of the allure of Paris as the prestige rooms offer you luxury in serenity.

The Patio Room

2 guests View into the patio

Perfect if you have a knack for garden scenery, as the patio is decorated with a green atmosphere. Sip coffee in the seat right next to fresh blossoming plants and hit relaxation. Or feast your eyes on the satellite television as you lie calmly across the queen-sized bed. Then enter into a mix of cultures as you take a bath in the Italian shower right in the heart of France.

The Family Room

4 guests Connecting rooms option View into the city

The boutique hotel makes sure to include your family in their homey feel for your stay in Paris. The gorgeous floral-patterned wall of one room transitions to another dark pattern for your family of 4. And if you’re with a friend group, the family room offers you that closeness with just the right amount of privacy.

The Balcony Room

2 guests View into the city

This room owes its name to the gorgeous Haussmanian balcony that guides you to a breathtaking view of the rue Chomel. Take a seat and immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of Paris when the lights go off. Walk into the marble-tiled bathroom and unwind into Parisian bliss.

The Elegant Room

2 guests View into the courtyard

The elegant room lives true to its name as the walls bear engaging colours that ooze comfort, and then its bed takes you into this cosiness as you drift into a deserved relaxation on it. And when the stars cover the Paris sky, you can take a step towards the view of the rue Chomel and revel in the beauty of the city of lights.

The Cosy Room

1 guests View into the courtyard

The cosy room in Hôtel Signature Saint-Germain des Prés is perfectly described as petite (small) and cute, as the wooden floors and cool French breeze draw you into a world of awe. The higher rooms hand to you, on a platter, an astonishing view of rue Chomel, and if you’re a fan of serenity, admire the inner courtyard from the cosy room on the ground floor.

The Triple Room

3 guests View into the courtyard

Slide into a world of breathtaking wonder as you step into Hôtel Signature Saint-Germain des Prés’ triple room, where luxurious Parisian vibes ooze from every nook and cranny. From the cosy king-sized bed to the immaculate bathroom, as you take a peek at the boutique hotel’s inner courtyard, you are thrown into a homey feel and embrace the beauty of the French capital.

Services and facilities

Modern design
Air conditioning
Family rooms
Laundry Service
Non smoking rooms
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Taste the flavors


As the French sun rises on rue Chomel, take a step into Hôtel Signature Saint-Germain des Prés’ cheerful dining room and tingle your taste buds with a la Francaise, a delectable continental buffet served at dawn to kickstart your day in the right direction. Enjoy some artisan bread from Bar A Cake in Paris or a glass of Normandy organic apple juice. Whatever you settle on, it’s sure to be an unforgettable ordeal.

About sustainability


Thyme, the treasured herb, indicates that the property follows local legislation with regard to the environment and has implemented a few eco-friendly common practices.

  • The boutique hotel ensures that most ingredients in their a La Française menu are sourced locally.
  • The Pringent family transformed the hotel Apollon Montparnasse into a warm new boutique hotel on rue Chomel paying homage to the historic architecture and keeping the spirit of the past century.
  • One of the core values of Hôtel Signature Saint-Germain des Prés is to keep your stay close to all that’s local to keep their services respectful, and sustainable.

Explore the location

The thrills attached to this boutique hotel begin right in its street, rue Chomel, which is laced with history and has pulled artists of various regimes into its corner cafes and underground basements. Moving deeper into Saint-Germaine-des-Pres, you are immersed in absolute Parisian charm as you explore the city.

Explore Paris like a local!

A few steps from the Hôtel Signature Saint-Germain des Prés will take you to a variety of landmarks, including the Musée Maillol or Musee de la Louvre. Enter le Bon Marche down the street if you want a luxurious Parisian shopping experience. And when you're up for some fine dining, head over to Les Botanistes or any of the hotel's recommended spots for a true French food experience.

As soon as you're ready to explore the city of lights, take a two-minute walk to the metro station, Sèvres-Babylone. From there, you can hitch a ride to Montmartre and get a view of the opera house, Jardin des Plantes.

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