The Best Villages in the Alps and Where to Stay for a Winter Vacation

October 25, 2022

Winter is the perfect time to vacation and unwind in the cold. There are hundreds of destinations for those who love nippy weather and everything that comes with it. When choosing where to go, villages in the Alps are always a perfect option, no matter where. 

Indulge in afternoons of skiing, drink hot chocolate by the fireplace, and have luxurious spa treatments that relax your entire body. 

Méribel Valley, France

The Méribel Valley in France is where some of the most exclusive villages in the Alps can be found. During the winter, ski lovers gather at Méribel ski resort to surf down challenging lanes and experiment with the french take on seasonal cuisine and traditions. 

Allodis Hotel Location
Skiing at the Méribel ski resort

In the heart of the mountains, find the Hotel Allodis, with a boutique charm that stands out in the countryside. 

It is one of the best villages in the Alps for those who seek excellent gastronomic experiences and a balance between wellness and adventure. Staying in a cottage-like hotel with cozy rooms is the idyllic way to spend a winter vacation. 

Dinner at Allodis Hotel

Sense the infusions of nature in the air and decor around you. Sip on hot coffee on your private balcony and participate in indoor and outdoor activities that will entertain you all day.  Get a deep tissue massage and allow your body to melt the worries away. 


Valle Aurina, South Tyrol, Italy

The north of Italy is where you get the most exclusive access to the Alps. In South Tyrol, you will find scenery and culture that blends the Mediterranean with the Germanic influences of Austria, creating something unique and extraordinary. 

Valle Aurina, South Tyrol, Italy
Valle Aurina, South Tyrol, Italy

It is the ideal destination for winter travelers to find luxury villages in the Alps, ski lanes that run down the snow-white mountains, and plenty of food and relaxation. 

In San Giacomo, nestled in the Valle Aurina, find Buhelwirt, a small family-run bio hotel that blends comfort and luxury. 

Villages in the Alps
Relaxing with panoramic views after Buhelwirt’s Spa experience

With astonishing views of the mountains and the nature that surrounds it, this hotel will embrace your worries and allow you to sink into deep relaxation. 

As you walk to your room, look at the architecture and bio-constructed walls. Unwind with a sauna session and enjoy a long massage at the spa. 

Villages in the Alps
Locally sourced meal from Buhelwirt Boutique Hotel

Indulge in Tyrolean meals at the hotel’s restaurant and introduce your tastebuds to new flavors. Sip on wine and beer from the restaurant’s extensive and well-curated selection. 

Spend your afternoon skiing and exploring the nature that surrounds South Tyrol. Go on a hike or visit the culture of San Giacomo. 


South Tyrol, Italy

For those seeking villages in the Alps closer to the small towns of South Tyrol, plan to stay at The 1477 ReichhalterThis hotel is a collection of stories over time, where you can see a reminiscence of everything the building used to be before it became a luxurious and comfortable vacation spot. 

The 1477 Reichhalter Boutique Hotel

In the center of Etschtal Valley, this is the ideal place for those who enjoy outdoor activities that bring them closer to nature. 

With many trails and paths to follow, you can find hikers and cyclists of different levels, all enjoying the fresh air of the Alps. Explore picturesque panoramas as you get to know this culturally rich part of Italy. 

Villages in the Alps
Natural surroundings of The 1477 Reichhalter

A boutique hotel with only eight rooms, this is one of the best villages in the Alps for any time of the year. Experiment with the local cuisine and dine at the hotel’s restaurant, where you will find fresh and seasonal ingredients that dance in your mouth. 

Seasonal meals from Hotel 1477 Reichhalter

There are no limits to relaxation in action. Visit museums and go apple picking. Skii down the mountains and hike up the trails that lead to the top of cliffs. 


Sarentino, Italy

Surround yourself with greenery and still pools of water at the Sarentino Valley in Italy. During the winter, the entire region becomes silky white cloth, with the snow covering the vast fields of land and decorating the houses and streets. 

Villages in the Alps
Sorrentino Valley, Italy

For uttermost comfort and luxury, stay at the Bad Schoergau Hotel, located in one of the best villages in the Alps you’ll find in the Mediterranean. What once was a rural bath area has now become a hotel, built in the 15th century and carrying many years of history and relaxation. 

Captivating outdoors of Bad Shoergau

The place is the destination for those who want to tune in and unwind close to nature with contemporary architecture and intriguing decor. Feel the smell of alpine wood and the comfort of the cold weather inside a warm and spacious ambiance. 

Indulge in a spring water bath at the hotel’s spa and have dinner at the restaurant, where unique flavor combinations excite your taste buds with fusion cuisine. 

Fusion local cuisine from Bad Shoergau

Plan to spend your days de-stressing at one of the best villages in the Alps. The hotel rooms, decorated with rustic furniture, showcase beautiful views from your private balcony. Explore the Sarantino Valley, and get in touch with nature and yourself. 


Val-d’Isere, France

Nestled in the south of France, close to the Italian border, you will find the picturesque Val-d’Isere, one of the best villages in the Alps. 

This destination explores all the luxury that exists during the winter, with mountains cut with skiing tracks, impeccable French cuisine, and small towns filled with charm and elegance. 

Breakfast with a breathtaking view at Le Chardon Boutique Hotel

Hidden in the middle of the valley is the Le Chardon Val d’Isere Hotel, a boutique hotel that highlights the glamour of the French Alps. 

With mountain lodges that bring you comfort and peace in the middle of nature, this family-run establishment enchants every visitor who comes to enjoy the fresh air of winter. 

Relaxing bath with a panoramic view from Le Chardon

A shuttle transports you to your chalet, where elegance spreads on the walls, furniture, and architecture. The wooden and stone decor brings nature into your room, all while keeping the classiness of a village in the Alps. 

The wooden interior of Le Chardon’s chalets

Dine at the hotel’s restaurant and taste the refinery of French food. Snuggle with a blanket and hot chocolate by the fireplace in the spacious lounge area. 

Maybe even order a martini to unwind after a day of adventure.  For those needing a more profound treatment, relax inside your chalet’s hot tub and let the water wash your worries away. 


Bulla, South Tyrol, Italy

Bulla is a natural gem in the dolomites at the picturesque and astonishing South Tyrol in Italy. By the Swiss Alps, the region is a gem of nature and greenery, which later transforms into a vast white ocean of snow, glittering under the sunlight. 

Villages in the Alps
Astonishing area of Bulla, Italian Alps

Bulla is one of the best villages in the Alps, where you can find luxury and relaxation. To explore the famous Italian Dolce far niente, the sweet art of doing nothing, plan to stay at the Hotel Platz

Relaxing sauna of Hotel Platz

The hotel offers a unique feel-at-home style, with its essence dating back to the 14th century. Mixing the comfort of northern Italian cuisine, spa treatments, and fireplace warmth with the exciting adventures of skiing and trekking in natural environments, the hotel offers the complete treatment for a winter vacation. 

Northern Italian cuisine served by Hotel Platz

Visit the Christmas markets and the small villages in the Alps. Observe the mountains through the windows in your room and have dinner at the hotel’s ancient tavern, where you can taste the Alps’ authentic flavors.  


Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy

Nature has a way of impacting our senses, and in Bolzano, we have a multisensorial experience. It is one of the best villages in the Alps, especially during the winter when the snow covers the Rosengarten mountain. 

Captivating location of Cyprianerhof Eco Hotel

From the Cyprianerhof Boutique Hotel, you can see how the light shines over the snow, all through the windows in your room.

Breathe in the scents of fresh pine trees in the winter air, and hike to the top of the mountains surrounding you. Explore forests, wildlife, and lakes, and then head back to the hotel for a relaxing spa treatment. 

Relaxing Spa and Garden of Cyprianerhof Hotel

Late in the afternoon, visit the hotel’s bar and sip on a warming cocktail served with elegance and impeccable flavor, or order a bottle of some of the best wines in the country. 

Dine at the hotel’s restaurant and experience a blend of Mediterranean and northern Italian cuisine. Let your body melt into relaxation and embrace the natural energies of the Alps. 


San Candido, Italy

San Candido is a village in the Alps, hidden between northern Italy’s snowy mountains. For its proximity to the Austrian border, the village has acquired a mixture of cultures that can be seen in its food, architecture and language. 

Visiting San Candido is like being in between two worlds, where the best of each combines to create something beautiful and unique.

San Candido, Italian Alps

For a complete and relaxing winter visit to one of the most emblematic villages in the Alps, stay at the Hotel Zenana and enjoy its rural elegance. 

The delicate decor and architecture of the place highlight the power of nature, letting the mountains and valleys stand out. Inside, find comfort in classy fabrics and rugs and a cottage-like setting. 

Balcony with mountain view from Hotel Zenana

The beauty of the Dolomites shines over San Candido, and Hotel Zenana is the perfect embodiment of that. Creative designs merge inside a historical townhouse, creating something eclectic and extraordinary. 

Enjoy the colors surrounding you, both inside the hotel and outside South Tyrol’s wilderness. 

Picturesque landscape lurking through the windows of Hotel Zenana

During the winter, the mountains surrounding the village become some of the best ski lanes in the Alps, and spending the morning and afternoon surfing over smooth snow is the perfect activity for those who want to relax the mind. 

After a day’s worth of adventure, unwind at the hotel and have a tasty and authentic Italian meal. 


The Best Villages in the Alps for a Winter Vacation

The best villages in the Alps are the ones that explore the essence of nature, surrounded by mountains and fresh air. When visiting these places, especially during the winter, relaxation, and peace of mind are the goals, both achievable once you set foot on any of these destinations. 

For a complete experience, boutique hotels that merge elegance with nature are a must, and here we have introduced you to some of the best accommodations in the Alps. Plan your winter vacation and let your mind and body come to ease. 

Soothe the mind as you surf down snowy mountains and later let your body melt under a complete spa treatment. Explore some of the most luxurious villages in the Alps and come back re-energized.