Insider guide to Korcula Island

May 19, 2021

There are only three words to describe Korcula– colours, nature and traditions. Silent coves, turquoise waters, olive groves and golden beaches embrace the island with a warm hug and create a cosy and homey feeling. Here is our guide to Korcula.

You should approach your long-awaited adventure on this island from the forests and the seas. What are the things to do in Korcula? The biggest attraction here is the land itself that invites you to take a sip from its ancient and mysterious depths. The people of Korcula have lived off the island’s abundant natural resources for centuries – it is known for its dense forests and the ancient Greeks called it Black Korcula – from the tree that lives in this part of the world – Kerkyra Melaina. Follow our insider guide to Korcula.

Things to do in Korcula


Korcula’s mouth-watering seafood is an unmissable experience to caress your senses with. Once you taste its marine cuisine you will ask the chef to give you their secret recipes. The locals hold centuries-old ways of preparing seafood, inherited across generations.

When the locals decide to enjoy a day off or take a trip to Skoji (Korcula Archipelago) they like to eat sea urchins and limpets. These are small sea animals with shells and stick tightly to rocks. Why not visit Adio Mare – a low key, traditional seafood restaurant playfully tucked in between the charming maze of old town streets. And this is not all – Adio Mare is the oldest family-owned restaurant Korcula and you will not only dine but live history and traditions.

Insider Guide to Korcula
Seafood croatian style. Korcula Island

If you are looking for a quick bite in between your busy sights-visiting schedule, a great option and a popular choice amongst locals is Silk Street Food. If you want a grab-and-go meal, this is the perfect place. Now, Silk Street Food takes a slight turn from the traditional Croatian food and instead, turns its tide towards Asia. In fact, this is the only Asian restaurant on the whole island, which solely makes the place pretty unique. Nevertheless, the owner is a local and the one of a kind atmosphere of this angelic island is ever-present.

Whatever dining style you go for, don’t forget to treat yourself to a dessert! Choose from a wide variety of traditional Croatian cakes such as – cukarini, klasuni, amarete, lumblije, sirnice, krempite and krafne.


Wine – the drink that even the ancient Greek gods could not resist – is offered in abundance in Korcula. Skipping to taste the local wine means skipping part of the island itself. The warm and welcoming Mediterranean climate is fruitful ground for some of the most sophisticated wines in Europe.

Insider Guide to Korcula
Traditional wine making, Croatia

With or without special occasions, locals love to treat themselves to a hearty glass of wine. Here are four of the finest wines produced in Korcula:

  • Posip – light golden white wine, grown mainly in Cara and Smokvica
  • Grk – dry aromatic white wine, grown only in Lumbarda
  • Prosek – sweet white dessert wine made from dried grapes, perfect with creamy Dalmatian Creme Caramel

Spoil your test buds with some local wine at Massimo Cocktail Bar while indulging in a breath-taking view from the 15-century Zakerjan Tower in the Northern fortifications.


The Island of Korcula is a place built out of history and traditions. Here the land speaks and the wind gently whispers ancient fairy tales. One place you cannot walk away from is its picturesque Old Town.

Korcula Croatia
Old City of Korcula Island

Korkula is known as the ‘old Dubrovnik’ and it deserves its nickname – admire Venetian style buildings with red rooftops and get lost inside intertwined miniature streets. What is even better is that the Old Town is vehicles-free and you can enjoy it in complete and blissful quietness.

Korcula Croatia
Old City of Korcula Island

While you are there, take a moment to visit St. Mark’s Cathedral – an awe-inspiring Gothic-Renaissance church and an integral part of the island’s history. After that, dive into a world of travelling, exploration and adventures by visiting the house of the famous Marco Polo. Right next to it you can find Marco Polo Museum containing waxwork tableaus, artefacts and period furnishings.


Want to try a new sport? Windsurfing is one of the most popular sports on the island and a great way to connect with the locals. Feeling the wind in your hair, while bravely taming the waves are activities enjoyed equally by everyone. All kinds of levels are available and the teachers will be more than happy to introduce you to the secrets of the sport.

Korcula Croatia
Windsurfing on Korcula Island

Not any less rewarding experience is cycling. It is actually highly recommendable to enjoy Korcula on a bicycle. You can do it all year round thanks to the friendly climate. Head along the southeast coastline from the Old Town and admire the breath-taking panoramic view whose road eventually leads to the classy Lumbarda vineyard.


No trip should be left without shopping! Whether you are looking for some local cuisine to take home or just grab a souvenir, the Old Town offers everything for everyone. Say hello to Coral Shop Irena for a great selection of jewellery made from pearls and corals. Curakin is named after one of the best Croatian cakes and will not leave you disappointed with its selection of pastries.

things to do in Korcula Croatia
Shopping at the streets of Old City on Korcula Island


There are lots of options of places to stay – some of the best areas include Vela Luca, Blato, Smokvica, Cara and Pupnat – all very good for hiking and cycling. Prizba, Brna and Zavalatica are located on the seashores and provide very easy access to beaches.

Croatia is a lovely country with many opportunities for holidays. It is full of ancient towns, waterfalls, eye-catching islands as well as dynamic urban culture. Explore two more charming towns and where you can stay there!

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