7 Unique Boutique Hotels in Athens

May 13, 2022

The Best Boutique Hotels in Athens

It’s no secret that Athens is brimming with rich history and breathtaking ancient architecture. From the majestic Acropolis to the time-tested Temple of Olympian Zeus. History buffs, critical thinkers, and art lovers will fall in love with the city’s esoteric knowledge.

A tourist can easily join a guided tour and visit all of the famous landmarks in an afternoon. The genuine traveller, however, understands that Athens’ glory is about so much more. To fully appreciate all that location has to offer, one must first find the ideal lodging. Here are some of the best boutique hotels in Athens to enjoy a luxurious stay in this magical city filled with nostalgia for the lost ancient world of Greece.

Shila Hotel Athens

Shila is an elegant late 1920s residence in the heart of Athens, giving new meaning and inspiration to the concept of a boutique hotel in Athens. A place where you feel at home while experiencing a realm of otherworldly luxury and sensuality.

Located on a quiet street in the posh Kolonaki district, this boutique hotel combines the elegance of old-style charm with an urban modern vibe. Shila Hotel Athens immediately welcomes you into an innovative space of mindful hospitality, artfully designed to evoke all senses.

Boutique hotels in athens, Shila Athens
The tranquil rooftop terrace of Shila Athens

Step into the lavish lounge, whose rustic walls, original mosaic floors, vintage books, and alternative furniture transport you through the beauty of old Athens. This vibe is transmitted throughout the hotel to two tranquil courtyards and lush rooftop gardens, providing guests with places to relax or gather in the sunshine. The breathtaking open space makes it the perfect venue for pop-up events, art exhibitions, or private parties.

Start your day with a handmade breakfast delivered to your room or the rooftop garden. Each of the six suites is different in character and design, while at the same time, beauty, tranquillity, and style. Decorated with vintage artwork and textiles, the romantic bohemian suites offer a respite from the hustle and bustle of Athens.

Vol. 5 The Mini Lodge

Vol. 5 the Mini Lodge: Hidden in the streets of this ancient city, this boutique hotel in Athens is where you can feel at home. With its beige exterior and black wrought-iron verandas, this early nineteenth-century Athenian neoclassical residence oozes class and welcomes you in.

The welcoming and laid-back atmosphere of Vol. 5 The Mini Lodge will entice you even further. Fresh, white walls, warm wooden decoration, 70s designer furniture in various colours and textures, and specially selected paintings all contribute to a homey atmosphere. As travel enthusiasts themselves, the owners Titika and Cha ensured that the five concept suites were designed to portray and inspire the five travel experiences – “Relax,” “Create,” “Enjoy,” “Imagine,” and “Dream.”

Boutique hotels in athens, Vol. 5 The Mini Lodge
The elegance of old-style charm combines with an urban modern vibe at Vol. 5 The Mini Lodge

You can begin exploring this historic city as soon as you step out of your boutique hotel, which is located in the heart of Athens. At the end of the day, you’ll retire to your relaxation room, where you will get a good night’s sleep and fantasize about the adventures that await you the next day.

Moon and Stars

The Art Deco building from the 1920s stands tall and beautiful in the shadow of the ancient Acropolis, which you can admire from the hotel’s rooftop with a drink in your hand. This boutique hotel in Athens gets its poetic name from the owner’s favourite toy.

Ascend the elegant spiral staircase from the lobby and get to know your room. Whichever of the hotel’s five charming rooms you choose, you can be sure that it will have a comforting, sophisticated interior and a remarkable view of Athens’ streets. Allow your gaze to be drawn to some of the building’s beautifully preserved original features, including a sink carved in Greek marble as well as exposed wooden ceiling beams, throughout the entire hotel.

Boutique hotels in athens, Moon & Stars hotel
Charming lodging of Moon & Stars Hotel from Athens

Your hosts, Theodore and Vaso, feel rather like friends than hoteliers, as evidenced by their generous offer to let you discover the crumbling roads of their dear city in their bright red Fiat 500. Although staying at the Moon and Stars puts you in an excellent position to explore this vibrant city on foot, a chance like this is simply too good to ignore.

Noma Hotel Athens

Noma Hotel Athens is a cosy little nest in the heart of the city located in Monastiraki. This charming boutique hotel in Athens is an ideal base from which to enjoy the best of the city.

It is tucked away in a historic building that’s been renovated to high contemporary standards, and it’s easy to miss the slim stone entrance, which is surrounded by cool bars and restaurants on Athinaidos Street. Inside the Noma Hotel Athens, industrial and neoclassical design elements coexist. The stylish metallic aspects and exposed brick complement the handmade hardwood floors and exposed wooden beams.

Boutique hotels in athens, Noma Hotel Athens
City view from a private jacuzzi of Noma Hotel

Access a remarkably quiet room by taking the industrial-designed elevator. You didn’t actually expect soundproofed rooms in a building built in 1843, did you? The most fortunate among us can unwind in the suite’s jacuzzi, which overlooks the enchanting Acropolis. Breakfast is available every morning in the lovely cafe next door. If you have any questions, Kostas and his team are always available to assist you with anything you require, or simply to talk!

14 Reasons Why

14 Reasons Why is a design boutique hotel in Athens located in the trendy Psirri neighbourhood.

It is housed in a former storage facility on a quiet street near Monastiraki Square. The boutique hotel combines the best elements of industrial design with modern sleekness and designer touches. Prepare to be blown away from the moment you walk into 14 Reasons Why Athens. Everywhere you look, you are drawn in by exceptional design elements. Seletti monkey lights, robots with plants, and Foscarini lightings are just a few examples. The lobby provides a colourful quiet space in the midst of the vibrant Psirri, while the rooftop terrace connects you to the city’s vibes.

Boutique hotels in athens, 14 reasons why
Funky interior of 14 Reasons Why

As you retire to your cosy room, you will be delighted by its crisp lines and cool colour scheme. Each one of the 14 rooms has its own design. Unwind among handpicked designer furniture, encapsulating lighting, and a modern, clean-cut bathroom. The young team provides exceptional services, and the breakfast is an experience by itself.

Oniro City

Oniro City, located in the Kolonaki district, is housed in a restored neoclassical building and offers a sophisticated ambience with modern lines and earthy colour combinations. The luxurious services, contemporary rooms, and caring staff will make your stay a one-of-a-kind opulent and luxurious experience.

Boutique hotels in athens, Oniro city
The intimate and sleek interior of Oniro City

Whether it’s the end of a very long day of meetings or right after a shopping trip to the Kolonaki streets, you can boost your energy levels at the hotel’s gym, choose to refill your batteries with a glass of wine and oysters at the intimate O-bar, or simply relax with a cup of tea on the open-roof terrace overlooking Athens’ historic streets.

This boutique hotel in Athens combines a quiet and intimate stay with an immersion into local Athenian life. Welcome to Oniro City!

Pi Athens Hotel

The comfort and authenticity of a boutique hotel meet the best amenities of a large hotel at Pi Athens Hotel. The minimalist and simple interior design contrasts with the beauty of the outside views and is built with the same marble as the 2500-year-old stadium. A roof garden offers views of the National Gardens, Panathenaic Stadium, and the Acropolis, which can also be seen from the suites.

Boutique hotels in athens, Pi Athens
View of Acropolis from a suite of boutique hotel Pi Athens

Each one of the six suites takes up an entire floor here. There are large and distinctively decorated spaces, a private garden, and an exclusive view of the Acropolis. Enjoy the year-round sun while drinking a cocktail on a lounge chair on the terrace, have a coffee in the bottom floor lounge, and taste your breakfast in the privacy of the basement dining area.

Pi Athens Hotel’s philosophy is straightforward: make every effort to provide its guests with the ideal stay in Athens. This boutique hotel in Athens has created an ideal urban oasis for those looking to discover the best of the city and Greek culture. It is right in the centre of a residential neighbourhood and very close to some of Athens’ most iconic attractions.

Boutique hotels in athens
Nostalgic Psirri neighbourhood of Athens

A few days in Athens may provide you with pleasure, excitement, and relaxation all in one place. To get the most out of your trip, stay at one of the top boutique hotels in Athens, which provide the best views, gorgeous settings, and unsurpassed personalized service. So, start packing your carry-on for an amazing trip to Athens.