Best Cities in Greece for an Unforgettable City Break

November 11, 2022

Greece is a Mediterranean paradise, no matter what time of the year you choose to visit. The best cities in Greece offer a blend of tranquillity, culture, history, gastronomy, and a welcoming population. Sometimes, a couple of breathtaking beaches with turquoise ocean water. 

There are many cities in Greece for unforgettable city breaks, from cultural hubs like Athens to ocean-side party centres like Mykonos, where the aesthetics of everything pulls you into a world of beauty and relaxation. For those who can travel easily to Greece, spending a weekend at a boutique hotel is the perfect way to disconnect and find a balance between nature and oneself. 

Here, we introduce you to some of the best cities in Greece to enjoy your real-world escapade, no matter how long. 

Get lost in the narrow streets of the capital city, Athens

Athens is one of the most popular cities in Greece, especially for those who enjoy seeing history stop in time. It is the birthplace of philosophy, democracy, art, science, language, and everything we hold dear to contemporary society.

Roam the streets of one of the world’s oldest cities and observe how modernity and history merge into a unique architecture and population. The boutique hotels in Athens sit among some of the best and most exclusive in Greece, all withholding the charms and essence of the city but still unique in their design and offerings. 

Bustling Monastiraki district, Athens

Explore the many neighbourhoods in the city, like the Monastiraki, a must-see for those who want to feel the core of Greek culture and gastronomy. Shop, eat, and drink some of the best coffee in the city, learn about history and art, and maybe even stay at a fabulous boutique hotel near the area. 

Posh Kolonaki district of Athens

Learn about history. Visit the Acropolis and other archaeological sites. Climb hills or look at the city through panoramic views of a rooftop bar. Roam around the posh Kolonaki neighbourhood and shop for gifts. The possibilities are endless. 

Discover charming towns of the biggest Greek island, Crete

Crete is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean and the birthplace of ancient civilisations. It has also some of the most unique cities in Greece. Visiting this mountainous and picturesque place is like travelling back to the Bronze Age when the Minoans used to rule the world of development, art, and science. 

things to do in Crete
Palace of Knossos, Crete

As you travel around small towns in Crete, you will find archaeological remains that tell the stories of 2700 BC. You can visit palaces, ruins, and museums that deepen into the history of ancient people. Observe how these ancient remains blend with the Venetian influences on the island, where ports, fortresses, and walls reflect the trading era that Crete experienced.

Hotels like Scala de Faro and Ambassador’s Residence portray the importance of trade for Cretian development and growth. Located in the picturesque city of Chania, the hotel will allow you to explore the mansions and alleys of modernity, all while cruising by the old port and letting the sun and ocean water brighten your day. 

things to do in Crete
Dazzling views of Chania’s Lantern from Scala de Faro Boutique Hotel

Dive in the waters of the Mediterranean, and from Chania,  go hiking at Samaria Gorge. On the north of the island, walk the roads of Rethymno’s old town and Indulge in fresh Greek food while catching the sunset from behind the water.

In the town of Agios Nikolaos, where the night lights shine over the ocean, stay at fantastic boutique hotels like The Island Concept, with minimalist designs and ocean views. 

Immerse in the Greek elegance of white-stoned Mykonos towns

Mykonos island looks like a movie scenario, with white-bricked houses, stone paths, and flowers hanging from the walls. It is also an oasis of excellent gastronomy, cocktails, and parties. For those who want to find summer luxury and elegance, Mykonos is one of the best cities in Greece to visit. 

Best islands in Greece
Mykonos town after a sunset

Visit the small town of Platis Gialos to get an exclusive experience. Sunbathe at a beach club or in the privacy of your hotel pool. like the one at Kensho Ornos. Explore the city centre, Chora, at night and shop for jewellery, clothes, and gifts. Dine at some of the best restaurants in Greece and watch world-famous DJs playing their sets until dawn. 

Mykonos is paradise on earth, where the ancient Greek scenery and architecture blends with modern music, fashion, and food. Savour wines, rent a small car, and explore nearby islands. Parties and history walk hand in hand at one of the most exclusive cities in Greece. 

Platis Gialos, Little Venice
Little Venice from Platis Gialos, Mykonos

Stay at the Trinity Mykonos villa-style boutique hotel for relaxation and luxurious treatment, or explore the social hub at the terrace of Oniro Suites Mykonos

Feel like in a movie in heavenly blue-white Santorini

Santorini is where our impression of cities in Greece comes from. With fields of white houses contrasting with the blue ocean, this is a must-visit destination for those who travel to the Mediterranean. 

A small island in the Cyclades, Santorini is one of the most famous cities in Greece. With a hot and dry climate, it has the perfect terroir for wine production. Because of that, visiting wineries and going to tastings is a must-do.

Where can I travel this summer?
Oia town at night, Santorini Greece

Watch the sunset in Oia, one of the most popular spots in the city. Hike mountains and sail around the island, or spend your day sunbathing at the beach and indulging in fresh fish and seafood. Lounge under the sapphire sky at the Astarte Suites Hotel, or enjoy a private jacuzzi inside your room at Athina Luxury Suites

Best islands in Greece
Charming Fira town during the evening

Explore ancient ruins, volcanos, and churches, learning about the mythological history of Santorini’s towns and other cities in Greece. It is a place for wellness, relaxation, good food, incredible drinks, and pure elegance.

Discover both ancient and modern cities in the Peloponnese peninsula

The Peloponnese is a peninsula that houses unique cities in Greece. It is the land of ancient civilisations, and natural wonders blended to create one of the most exclusive places to visit in the Mediterranean. Recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the Peloponnese is a place of history, culture, adventure, and relaxation. 

Agios Andreas, Peloponnese
Agios Andreas, Peloponnese

Visit Bronze Age tombs and the Great Theatre in the city of Epidaurus. Stick around to explore other ancient heirlooms and connect yourself to the past. Learn more about greek history and culture and how mythology and science were able to coexist in these ancient civilisations. 

Catch traces of Medieval architecture as you stay at the Akrolithi Boutique Hotel in Oitylo, or relax in the countryside at the coastal city of Nafplio, lodging at the Perivoli Country Hotel and Retreat.

Day trips from Athens
Old town’s houses, Nafplio

Walk the ancient roads of Mycenae ruins in Argolis and peek down at the Corinth Canal. Explore the Dimos Cave and sunbathe at Simos beach. Visit ancient monasteries, churches, ruins, and museums that tell the history of cities in Greece. 

Hop on the top of Greece in the northern towns

Last but not least, we explore the country’s northern regions, where some of the best cities in Greece are nested. Travellers usually explore the islands and beaches of the south, overlooking the natural wonders in the north. However, with a diverse cultural background, natural scenarios, and rich history, Northern Greece is definitely worth the visit. 

Enchanting Kalavrita town at night

Northern cities in Greece are usually more mountainous and secluded in the forest. Here, greenery pours over high cliffs, and lighting a fireplace at night is part of the routine. It is a vacation destination for those who seek tranquillity and silence, as well as adventure and challenges. 

The key to exploring the best cities in Northern Greece is knowing how to book the ideal hotel since each one reflects the essence of each city and element of the north. Lodge at the Aristi Mountain Resort at Zagorochoria and roam the hills and forests of the town. Here. stone walls and high wooden ceilings mirror the green ambience and connection to the land.

Scenically placed Aristi Boutique Hotel, Zagori

Relax at Hotel Athina, perched on the pristine hilltops of Elati in Zagori, and roam the city’s streets as you experience the clashing cultures of Northern Greece. Find a unique proposal and setting at the Almond House Hotel in Arachova, and let your body and mind unwind for a while as the city endows you with nature views and clear air. Travel to Kalavrita for a ski trip or find peace among the natural settings surrounding the old city, where houses blend with the environment as if they’ve been there all along. 

Best Cities in Greece for an Unforgettable City Break in 2022

Greece has an array of cultures and scenarios compacted into a single country. The best cities in Greece can capture the rich history and culture of the place while exploring aspects of modernity and elegance. An unforgettable city break in Greece introduces you to gastronomy, fashion, and art. It takes you deep into the forest or the mediterranean sea while you unwind and indulge in luxury and style.

Find some of the best hotels in the Mediterranean, as cities in Greece are always prepared to offer you impeccable experiences. Enrich yourself with history, and enjoy a vacation of relaxation and adventure.