The Top 7 Boutique Hotels In Paris For A Memorable Stay

August 31, 2022

Relishing in the cool Parisian vibe and experiencing French history at its peak is a traveller’s ideal wish. And it doesn’t end with seeing the Eiffel tower or visiting the Louvre; in fact, it all begins at the place you choose to lay your head. And in most cases, you may not want just any hotel. That’s right, perhaps you crave the warmth and cosiness of a home, a Parisian home.

paris louvre
View at the Parisian pyramids and Louvre

Well, all it takes to accomplish that and even more is to dive into the French capital and slide into some of the best boutique hotels. And not to see the light show at the Eiffel Tower, but for the memorable experience, the hotel will etch into you.

So, for a stay that is both comfortable and tranquil, here are some of the best boutique hotels in Paris to visit on your next unforgettable trip.

1. Hotel Pulitzer Paris

The boutique vibe’s top choice, Hotel Pulitzer, promises a connection to French history as it stands on a 17th-century building. It is well furnished with woodwork and is surrounded by dark tones and a homey Parisian feel.

things to do in paris
The calming garden patio at Pulitzer Paris

The hotel is one of the boutique hotels in Paris that welcomes you with a distinct feeling of cosiness, wrapped in luxury and serenity. What’s more, the opera district is right next to you as you lie in tranquillity along the banks of the Seine in the 9th arrondissement. 

Pulitzer Paris bar
Innovative yet cosy common bar of Pulitzer Paris Hotel

Slide into your room, lushly decorated with minimal yet astonishing decor. And settle into the air-conditioned room and revel in your screen time within the soundproof walls. Then relax in the sleek bathtub before retiring to the comfortable bed for some well-deserved rest.

Pulitzer Paris suite
Cosy and luxurious rooms of Pulitzer Paris

When the new day comes, start with a trip to the hotel’s exclusive vaulted room for a classic Parisian breakfast or utilize the room service. Then dust off your feet, step onto Hotel Pulitzer Paris’s porch, and into the city of Paris.

Read about hotel’s manager, Gabriel Petcou.

2. Hotel Gramont Paris

Hotel Gramont Paris is one of the boutique hotels in Paris that rests in utter charm in the Opera Grands Boulevards neighbourhood. The architectural prowess extends into the bold interior decor across the halls and rooms in the boutique hotel.

Hotel Gramont
Montmartre neighbourhood

Take a step into the gorgeous rooms endowed with contrasting patterns and furniture from all over the world. Put a pause on your observations and appreciate the beauty and serenity that hover all over the Hotel Gramont Paris. 

After a memorable taste of the delectable breakfast buffet, walk into the honesty bar and immerse yourself in relaxation as you sip your cocktail. And if you’re not up for moving your feet, have breakfast in your comfy bed and soft linen.

Hotel Gramont
The cosy yet lively balcony of rooms at Hotel Gramont

Walk onto your private balcony and enjoy the cool Parisian air just before you slide out of the hotel with one goal in mind: exploring Paris. Or simply admire the Paris sky at midnight when all the stars come out in utter charm.

Hotel Gramont
Refreshing mornings at Hotel Gramont Paris

3. Hotel Au Boeuf Couronne

Hotel Au Boeuf Couronne is one of the gorgeous boutique hotels in Paris but is inspired by nature and the century-old steakhouse beneath its four walls. It lies in wait to welcome you into a world of prestige, comfort, and delicacies.

Hotel Au Boeuf Couronne
The unique interior design of rooms at Hotel Au Boeuf Couronne

The hotel is located in the north of Paris, close to the biggest metro stations in Paris, allowing for seamless movement around the city of lights, but before you dive into exploration, get settled into the hotel, the Au Boeuf Couronne way.

Hotel Au Boeuf Couronne
The 9th district of Paris around Hotel Au Boeuf Couronne

Feast your eyes on the delicate interior decor inspired by nature across the hallways and in your room. Then take a cool wash in the Italian shower surrounded by marble tiles and brick-patterned walls.

Hotel Au Boeuf
The chic interior of the dining area at Au Boeuf Hotel

At the start of the day, slide into the breakfast room for a bountiful gourmet meal to tingle your taste buds as you sit comfortably in one of the most captivating boutique hotels in Paris. Begin with a classic French cheese or progress to a hot beverage before beginning your exploration of Paris.

4. Hotel Signature Saint-Germain des Pres

This family-run hotel isn’t famous for the title “Your Parisian home” for nothing, as the cosiness extends from the staff down to the four walls of the historic building. Literature, music, and art flow past the Hotel Signature Saint-Germain des Pres on rue Chomel.

Signature Saint-Germain des Pres
Artsy interior of Signature Saint-Germain des Pres

Relax on your balcony or patio and connect with the French atmosphere in one of the most stunning boutique hotels in Paris. Then slide into your brightly coloured room and lie on the most comfortable bed while enjoying some classic television. And if you have a knack for historic monuments, the balcony room awaits you with a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower.

Signature Saint-Germain des Pres
Bright rooms of Signature Saint-Germain des Pres

Stuff your mouth with some delicious meals served on the hotel’s a la Française menu, made mostly from locally sourced ingredients. Then head over to the reception for a bespoke recommendation from the hotel staff on the best restaurants to visit and astonishing sites to see.

5. Hotel Bloum Paris

Hotel Bloum Paris is one of the charming boutique hotels in Paris nestled in the 9th arrondissement. The French essence evident throughout the property extends to its name, which is the French twist on the word “bloom.”

Bloum Hotel
Blooming 9th endorsement of Paris

As you step into the reception, you are thrust into a floral-filled world, but not as actual plants but as wall patterns. As you waltz into your room, trace your fingers along the floral-patterned hallway. Settle into the cosy and homey feel of a double or twin bed and enjoy some well-deserved screen time.

Bloum Hotel
Colourful rooms of Bloum Hotel

If you’re up for a peak at breathtaking Paris, walk towards the window and relish the feel of the French breeze against your cheeks. And when you are ready to experience the city of love, sail across French waters on a star-filled ride arranged by the hotel.

Bloum Hotel
Breakfast to bed at Hotel Bloum

But during the day, before exploring every nook and cranny of Paris, savour the delectable treats on the breakfast buffet while relaxing in the vaulted room of one of the cosiest boutique hotels in Paris.

6. Hotel Le Ballu

In the artsy Montmarte district, there lies Hotel Le Ballu, in all its encompassing Parisian charm as one of our favourite boutique hotels in Paris. A few paces away from the boutique hotel takes you to the Opera Metro Station. And right outside your window, in the comfort of your room, stands Sacré Cœur Basilica in all its splendour.

Le Ballu
Sacré Cœur Basilica at night

Immerse yourself in absolute awe as you step into the carefully crafted architecture and interior decor by Thomas and Julia Vidalenc. Hotel Le Ballu exudes a signature artistic vibe and tranquillity from every nook and cranny of the premises.

Le Ballu
Elegant and funky interior of the bar at Le Ballu Hotel

Savour the luscious breakfast handed to you in a gorgeous dining hall with an enthralling design and captivating colours. Or if you’re up for some fresh air, head to the terrace for a memorable experience. And all that’s left is to kick off your sightseeing. 

Le Ballu
Wellness area at Le Ballu

7. Cour des Vosges

 Cour des Vosges is one of the most luxurious boutique hotels in Paris and is an epitome of luxury immersed in a 17th-century mansion. The boutique hotel offers a unique blend with its distinct architecture, interior decor, contemporary art, and eco-friendly nature.

Cour des Vosges
Exterior of Cour des Vosges

The hotel’s interior was designed with a unique twist between modernity and history, as some fragments of the woodwork in the hotel remain in their original form. Every area of the hotel oozes luxurious comfort with an ultra-modern twist.

Cour des Vosges
Homey and elegant interior design of Cour des Vosges

As soon as you step into your room, you can take a dip in the glamorous bathtub while appreciating the cool breeze from the adjacent windows. Then settle into the super-comfy and immerse yourself in the cool atmosphere.

Cour des Vosges
Massage at the Cour des Vosges

Start your day with a trip to the hotel’s exclusive spa, Salon du The, and sample delectable treats. Of course, after or before a well-deserved treatment. And when you’re all set, thrust yourself onto the ever-busy Parisian streets.

things to do in paris
One of the Parisian flea markets

When it’s all said and done, the beauty and thrill of the city of lights lie in your choice of a Parisian home. And when you make that choice from The Boutique Vibe’s top list of boutique hotels in Paris, it’s sure to be unforgettable.