An Insider’s Guide to Travelling during November in Spain

September 27, 2022

November in Spain is the ideal opportunity for full cultural submersion. The country becomes a hub of artistic expression when the summer festivities and parties come to a complete end and temperatures drop to pleasant weather. 

During November in Spain, you can opt to visit cities that carry a rich history, culture, and gastronomy. With pleasant temperatures, you can walk for hours on the streets and explore the open-air wonders of Spain. The crowds leave, and prices drop, meaning you have plenty of room to engage with Spanish heritage and people fully.

Avila, Spain
Avila town during the autumn months

The Canary Islands offer an endless summer for those who still want to catch some sunlight. Explore nature and the beach in this tropical part of Spain, learning about a new subculture of food, language, and environment.

Dine at mesmerizing restaurants and visit museums without the lines and the crowds. Madrid has become the ideal place to learn about the metropolitan expression of traditions. Travel to Andalucia and submerge yourself in the culture of the region. 

Plaza de Espana of Seville
Empty Plaza de Espana of Seville during the autumn months

November in Spain is a time for culture and history. It is where authentic travelers find themselves learning about a rich past and a promising future. Spain surely is one of the best autumn destinations in Europe around the Mediterranean Sea.


Traveling during November in Spain

What’s the weather like in November? 

November in Spain is a wet and rainy month. As the winter approaches and the party-famous summer of Ibiza is left behind, this is the ideal month for cultural activities away from the coast. Spain is a mesmerizing country at any time of the year, and the storms are not enough to hide its beauty and richness. 

Ronda, a romantic medieval town in Spain

With temperatures that average 14ºC, this is the perfect time of the year to visit monuments and historical cities, which are too hot during the summer. Exploring small towns around the capital city of Madrid is a way to enrich yourself with Spanish cuisine, customs, and overall culture. 

In the county’s northern regions, storms are the hardest. You might not be able to fully enjoy the wonders of the Basque Country or the Asturian and Calabrian cuisine. Summer famous islands like Mallorca and Ibiza will also be more mellow in November.

However, if you still want to catch some famous Spanish sunlight, you can visit the Canary Islands off the Morrocan coast. 

Empty streets and breathtaking views of Mallorca during the autumn months
Empty streets and breathtaking views of Mallorca during the autumn months

What are the benefits of traveling during November in Spain? 

When visiting Spain in November, you should submerge yourself in the country’s rich culture. Most travelers prefer the summer months, with the beach clubs and parties in places like Ibiza and Barcelona. However, for those who want to explore the history of Spain, November might be the perfect month for a visit. 

November in Barcelona, Spain
November in Barcelona, Spain

In the autumn months, Spain is far less crowded than from May to September. This is an advantage for those who want to travel with some extra room, not worrying about long lines in front of museums and clogged, hot streets.

With the low-tourism season, prices also tend to go down. Accommodation, restaurants, museum and park tickets, flights, and other transportation tend to get more affordable, and you can enjoy certain perks and extra elegance. 

Vineyards in Galicia, Spain
Vineyards in Galicia, Spain

The weather, by being chill, allows you to walk on the street for hours without being bothered by the heat or extra cold. You can visit parks and monuments with calmness and comfort, dine with light autumn breezes, and take in the culture of Spain with room and space. Cultural activities make November in Spain completely worth the visit. 

Bucket List Destinations for the Perfect November in Spain


Mallorca is one of Europe’s most famous beach towns, bustling with music, life, cocktails, and luxury during the summer. However, in the cool weather of November, when most beach clubs are closed, it is the perfect place for quiet time and historical submersion. 

Astonishing Mallorca island

Enjoy afternoons at coffee shops, sitting on the terrace, and breathing in the autumn air. Take long walks on the beach and explore the cultural scene in the heart of Palma. Savour traditional ingredients of this time of the year, like honey, pumpkins, wine, and mushrooms, and feel their excentric flavors and aromas at the peak of their season. 



Barcelona is where you can find everything in a single city. It is the Spanish hub of parties and luxurious beach clubs during the warmer months. In the fall, it is the ideal place to learn more about the culture and history of Spain. Barcelona is a place to be during November in Spain. 

Barcelona during the autumn

Visit La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and Casa Milá. Enjoy the cool weather and stroll down the city’s main streets and avenues, exploring boutique shops and local restaurants. Spend the evening at the Gothic quarters and listen to live guitar music. Submerge yourself into the Catalan culture, language, and gastronomy.  



Salamanca is one of the most historically rich cities in Spain. In November, with the pleasant weather, you can take the time to visit all the cultural spots in its historical center, learning more about the city that became a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site. Grab a coffee at Plaza Mayor and spend your days visiting museums, churches, cathedrals, historical buildings, and the city’s old University. 

The medieval city of Salamanca in November

November in Spain is the ideal time to visit the places where the country’s history remains almost intact. In the evening, do some shopping down Calle del Toro. Eat some tapas and learn about the cuisine of Castilla y Leon. 



Madrid is almost unbearable during the summer. However, in November, the city is lively and perfect for various cultural activities. Because of the low season, tickets for museums and events are more affordable, and restaurant menus are less expensive. 

The city of Madrid during the autumn months

Dine in some of the best restaurants in Spain, take a stroll down the Gran Via and the Retiro Park, spend the late afternoon at Malasaña, and walk around Serrano Street. Visit El Prado and La Reina Sofia museums and submerge yourself into the metropolitan adaptations of Spanish classicism. 


Seville is one of the centers of Spanish cultural heritage. When spending November in Spain, it is one of the best cities to visit to get the whole experience of Flamenco dances and southern cuisine. Because of the chilled weather, you can walk around the city for hours and even dip your toes in the ocean water by the beach. 

Empty streets of Seville around Platza de Espagna

Watching a flamenco show at the Royal Alcazar Gardens is also an experience worth having. Sitting at a traditional Sevillian restaurant and ordering a Paella is another must, where you will taste the famous Spanish dish at its source. 


Ronda is one of the most picturesque towns in Spain. In the heart of the Andalucian region, Ronda is surrounded by hills that divide it into the old and new parts of town. In an ancient mountaintop city, you will find the perfect weather for exploring nature and civilization combined. 

Dramatic town of Ronda, Spain

Go to the Plaza del Toro to see where the annual bullfights occur. Roam around Cuenca Gardens for mesmerising panoramic views. Enjoy traditional Andalucian cuisine and explore the nightlife filled with culture and rural traditions during your November in Spain.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands is the perfect spot for those who still want to catch some of the summer sunlight of Spain. Being off the coast of Morroco, the islands are sunny almost year-round, and the beaches are always ready to receive the crowds. Here you can find more tropical energy and culture. Taste the local food and go dancing at a bar at nightfall. 

Canary Islands
Mountain tops in the Canary Islands

Explore the different islands of the Canary, like Tenerife and the main Gran Canaria. Rent a villa with a private pool or soak in the warm ocean water. Go on a tapas tour and explore the artistic and carefree vibrancy of the place. Rent a villa with a private pool or soak in the warm ocean water. 


Granada is where the old and the new combine. It is a melting pot of cultures that make up the Spanish identity of the south. With a rich history, Granada is where you’ll find the blend of Christian and Muslim cultures in food, architecture, language, and people. November in Spain is the perfect weather for such cultural and historical explorations. 

Romantic Granada during the autumn months

Go to the Alhambra and witness such a clash of traditions. Walk down the street and shop at small boutique stores. Explore the local food and attend the city’s annual Jazz Festival during November in Spain. 


Malaga is often associated with sandy beaches and summer parties. However, in November, when temperatures drop and become more pleasant, you can explore the city’s cultural offerings. 

Malaga Caminito del Rey
Caminito del Rey in the Malaga region

Shop at Calle Larios and pay attention to the picturesque small streets of Malaga. See the museums around the city and the strong Andalucian heritage of the place. Pay a visit to the Teatro Romano, Castle Gibralfaro,  and a Moorish fortress. At the end of the day, sit at a bat on Plaza La Merced and taste the local cuisine with a round of tapas. 

Festivities and Events during November in Spain

The Mediterranean region surely has one of the best seasonal festivals around the globe, and Spain is a nation where the festivities never end. You will always find something to cherish and celebrate, from bullfights to gastronomic events in the Basque Country. 

All saints day
All Saint’s Day in Spain

November in Spain is the month of All Saints Day. On November 1, the entire country celebrates and honors deceased loved ones. From family members to friends, everybody has someone they wish to memorialize.

Businesses close down, and a lot of people place flowers on graves. Although there isn’t much partying, it is an excellent opportunity to be part of a rich cultural tradition.

Sherry Week in Jerez
Sherry Week in Jerez

November is also the month of International Sherry Week, an annual event in the Andalucian city of Jerez de la Frontera. This is where the famous Sherry dessert wine is produced, and in early November, there is a week-long celebration.

Sherry tasting and pairing menus, themed events, and unique cocktails are all part of the celebration. You can also attend the Madrid or Granada Jazz Festival, where some of the best musicians in the world come to play. 

The Boutique Vibe’s Top Picks For Unforgettable Stays 

Traveling during November in Spain is easily one of the best decisions you can make. So now that you know the endless advantages let’s figure out where to stay. Here are the Boutique Vibe’s hand-picked gems for a getaway you won’t forget: 

Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona
The vibrant interior of Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona

Spain is a must-see destination, no matter the time of the year. With eccentric gastronomy, rich cultural heritage, sublime beaches, and breathtaking natural sceneries, the country enchants everybody who visits it. November in Spain is the month of pleasant temperatures and historical opportunities, where you can give in to the country’s food, architecture, history, and lively energy. And November in Spain sure is a thing to cross from your bucket list.