Best Boutique Hotels for a Winter Getaway in the Mediterranean

November 20, 2021

As the air gets chilly, snow starts to fall on the mountain peaks, and the last leaves fall from the trees, you might start to feel that all-familiar winter feeling. You have been looking forward to cooler weather all year but now you can’t think of anything other than basking in the sun or lounging in a pool in some exotic destination. Not all hope is lost though.

The Mediterranean offers magical sunny boutique hotels for a winter getaway to keep the winter blues at bay, with ocean views, golden rays reflecting off the pool, and warm hospitality to make you feel right at home.

Moroccan Dream Vacation: Riad Zineb

Marrakech is a city of ancient beauty, rich heritage, and unmatched vigour. It offers temperate and sunny days when the sharp winter wind cut through you elsewhere in the world. Make the most of the marvellous winter climate in Morocco at Riad Zineb boutique hotel.

Riad Zineb Morocco
Riad Zineb, Marrakesh

What was once the home of Merchants is now an authentic and welcoming boutique hotel where guests are immersed in the most luxurious and vibrant surroundings of yesteryear. Dramatic and rustic tapestries are offset with crisp white linens, accented by traditional décor. Relax on sun loungers on the sunny terrace and take a dip in the crystal-clear pool. Or explore the bustling souks or marvel at the magnificent mosques surrounding the boutique hotel.

Morocco offers everything one would hope for on a winter getaway. Sunny skies, delectable food, enchanting surroundings, and plenty of relaxation await you in Marrakech.

Ancient Island Retreat: Puteus Palace

The island of Brač on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia is ancient, tranquil, and atmospheric. Add to that a stay in one of the oldest palaces on the Adriatic Sea and you have everything that makes for the perfect winter getaway. The bright white stone buildings of the town date back to ancient Roman times and are begging to be explored. Equally enticing is the white-pebble beach, Zlatni Rat, that protrudes into the ocean in the most peculiar way.

Puteus Palace, Brac
Puteus Palace, Brac Island

The towering stone walls of Puteus Palace surround the evergreen garden and manicured lawns where you will no doubt want to spend the majority of your time. For unbridled relaxation, head over to the on-site wellness centre for a detoxing sauna session or open-air massage. Taste some of the finest Croatian wines at the charming wine bar or indulge in delectable Mediterranean-inspired dishes from the renowned Puteus restaurant.

Sensational Santorini Stay:  Athina Suites

Greek islands are unbeatable year-round. Unparalleled luxury, panoramic sea views, and iconic architecture never get old and Santorini is one of the best islands to make the most of these features, even during the winter.

Athina Suites, Santorini
Athina Suites, Santorini

At Athina Suites, you will start your morning with a personal breakfast delivered to your door, enjoyed while soaking in the ocean vistas of Santorini. Your private terrace with a Jacuzzi awaits or enjoy an assortment of expertly crafted cocktails at the bar. As the sun sets you will be overwhelmed by the spellbinding performance put on by the sun and clouds.

The clean lines and neutral colours of the hotel wash a sense of serenity through the property and will make parting even more of sweet sorrow.

Authentic French Escape: Camellas-Lloret

The South of France is pure bliss during the winter months. Stay at a personable boutique hotel, explore Carcassonne and other hilltop villages, watch the sunrays dance through a glass of Rhône red, and unwind amongst the hillsides. Camellas-Lloret boutique hotel only has 5 rooms, making for a charming stay with individualised service.

Camellas-Lloret, Carcassonne
Camellas-Lloret, Carcassonne

If it gets nippy at night, cosying up in front of the antique marble fireplace in your bedroom is the perfect remedy. The boutique hotel is effortlessly decorated with a bohemian flair, exuding warmth and curating an inviting atmosphere.

Magical Maltese Breakaway: Julina Boutique Living

The winding cobbled streets of Mosta, in central Malta, will lead you to an endless amount of hidden treasures and secluded corners. One such treasure is the regal Julina Boutique Living. With decadent colours, opulent decorations, and plush furnishings, this hotel is a destination in itself.

Julina Boutique, Malta
Julina Boutique, Malta

The central location of Mosta is the perfect place from which you can explore the rest of the island. A combination of colourful Maltese houses, historic buildings, and quaint eateries surround the boutique hotel.

Secluded Greek Visit: Agramada

Winter getaways aren’t all about escaping the cold. Sometimes it pays off to embrace the cold and use it as an excuse to break away to a cosy secluded spot in the northern forests of Greece and discover some of the Halkidiki villages away from crowds.

Agramda, Peloponnese
Agramada, Peloponnese

As a blanket of snow covers the woods around Agramada, you can get comfortable in their dreamy treehouse. Walk along a suspension bridge between the treetops to enter your cosy pine structure. Perfect for two people, the room has a bed, kitchenette, and seating area from which you can watch the snowflakes flurry outside.

Spectacular Tuscan Sojourn: Casa Howard

Florence is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Winter is a great time to explore the city with fewer tourists, mild temperatures, and an alluring yellow tinge to the air. The surrounding hilltops of Tuscany make for the perfect winter getaway.

Casa Howard, Florence
Casa Howard, Florence

At Casa Howard boutique hotel, you can enjoy a luxury stay in one of the most beautiful properties in the city. The rooms are effortlessly chic and comfortably, integrating pieces from different decades, vibrant patterns, accent walls, and comfy furniture. You will fall in love with the artistic surroundings of the boutique hotel which also seeps in past the front doors and makes its way into every nook and cranny of Casa Howard.

Resplendant Rest in Provence: Les Rosees en Provence

Laze away some winters mornings in a sunroom, overlooking olive groves in Provence. Spending your afternoons shopping and dining in Antibes or Cannes might seem like perfect winter’s day activities but return to a charming guesthouse like Les Rosees en Provence.

Mougins for a truly provincial experience. From here you can also easily access the French Alps if you fancy a day on the slopes. Enjoy the sunshine as you stroll along in the organic garden or have a massage in the boutique hotel’s premier wellness centre. Top it all off with a superb meal from the restaurant on site where expert chefs create mouth-watering French dishes with ingredients straight from their garden.

Les Rosees, Provence
Les Rosees, Provence

Tranquil Tunisian Escape: Villa Edo

Northern Tunisia has an intrinsically Mediterranean feel. Being a short way away from Sardinia and Malta, and being previously occupied by France, has given this region a unique foundation. The adjacent town of Sidi Bou Said with its vivid blue and white buildings sweeping the cliffside is exactly the kind of scenery you will want to enjoy in the winter. The bright airy surroundings are framed by the turquoise waters below and mimic the most idyllic locations from all over the Mediterranean.

Vila Edo, Tunisia
Vila Edo, Northern Tunisia

Villa Edo embraces all the many influences from the region along with traditional mosaics and neo-Moresque arches. The boutique hotel grounds and the sprawling views blend together and one can seldom tell where the one ends and the other begins. The glistening white walls offset by blue skies will melt all your winter worries away.