An Insider’s Guide to Travelling during November in Italy

October 13, 2022

November in Italy is a sight for sore eyes as the cool Italian breeze fans the rustling leaves amidst the subtle raindrops. The stunning streets lie free from tourists as they lead to monuments, museums, or wherever sight it takes to drop your jaw.

It is uncommon to hop on a travel trip and experience November in Italy. Now, that is all the more reason why November stands as the suited to visit Italy as it lies in stunning charm.

Where can I travel this summer?
Castel San Angelo in Rome, Italy

Italy surely is one of the best autumn destinations in Europe around the Mediterranean sea. You can explore gorgeous cities, from cosy yet contemporary Florence to the bustling city of Milan. Enjoy the memorable atmosphere as you dive into some classic Italian pasta at a particularly amazing restaurant in November.

Contrary to popular thought, November in Italy is an experience to remember forever, and of course, The Boutique Vibe has curated a list of boutique hotels that spice up the adventure that awaits you.

Tuscany Italy Locanda Al Colle
The unique outdoor-indoor living at Locanda Al Colle Boutique Hotel

Travelling During November In Italy

What’s The Weather Like In November?

The November weather in Italy intertwines comfort with adventure as it brings in the rainiest days of the year. The weather isn’t the chilliest but will certainly call for handy umbrellas and, of course, sweaters.

top things to do in sicily
The seaside town of San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily

The weather brings a little warmth further south of Italy. So, if you’re up for a little more heat, touch down in a cosy Italian southern city. The temperatures in northern and central Italy see measurements of 2-10°C, and the southern areas offer 13-18°C. 

What Are The Benefits Of Traveling During November In Italy?

Threading the water-soaked ground of breathtaking Italy with a minute amount of crowds has to be one of the most relieving euphorias the country exudes. Enjoy time in your hotel or glide around the gorgeous Italian cities as you hold an umbrella and feast your eyes on Italian delicacies.

If you want to soak in the steamy sun on a beach day, November in Italy won’t be well suited for you. However, if you want to enjoy the serenity of not having to wait in queues, you can hop on the next flight to Italy in November. Remember to book your museum and monuments tickets ahead, so it’s smooth sailing from there.

top things to do in sicily
Autumn at San Vito Lo Capo beach, Sicily

November in Italy has that extra spark you desire as the month is filled with thrilling festivals. The Alba White Truffle Festival lasts in October and stretches into late November as the country lies in truffle season. Rome brings major festivals like the artistic-filled beauty of the Roma Europa Festival and the melody-induced Rome Jazz Festival. 

Things to do in Rome
Italian wine with Rome’s landscape from the rooftop terrace of Eitch Borromini Boutique Hotel

Although the season is only November, some Christmas markets scattered across Italian grounds begin to open and welcome you into the festive bliss. Mid-November has you taking in the partly festive decorations beautifying restaurants and storefronts. November in Italy is no time to miss.

Bucket List Destinations for the Perfect November in Italy


When in Rome, have fun with the, well, Romans. November in Rome brings locals together in line with the spirit of festivity, whether religious, historical or artistic. The cool weather amplifies the beauty of this special time as you get to mingle with the locals.

Enjoy some uncrowded and unforgettable time at the historic Colosseum as you are thrust into ancient Rome. Or get a little Egyptian twist into your stay as you waltz across the Vatican Museum.

Things to do in Rome
Ancient Pantheon of Rome


Florence lies in utter charm right in November, just before the holiday season. Grab an umbrella and tread the florentine streets as you revel in the rhythmic platter of the light rain on your way to breathtaking sites.

Feed your artistic side as you marvel at all the gorgeous pieces in the Uffizi Gallery. Or take a trip to the Tuscan countryside and enjoy your November in Italy with an unforgettable wine tasting in Chianti.

Casa Howard, Florence
Boutique stay at Casa Howard from Florence


Sicily offers its unique twist as it allows you the liberty to sunbathe and swim in glittering seas. That’s thanks to this memorable destination’s little extension of warm weather. Still, the beautiful rhythm may wash in, so an umbrella is necessary for November.

Savour the tongue-tingling Sicilian cuisine in a classic Italian restaurant and some luscious Italian wine. November in Italy promises a thrilling adventure when you hop in the Sicilian splendour.

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Top-notch lunch with homemade wine at La Foresteria Planeta


The fictional romance of the Shakespearean beauty, Romeo and Juliet, lies across the streets of Verona, more so in the cool, windy November. Visit Juliet’s house and take in the stunning architecture dating to the 13th century.

Then enter the Christmas markets, which open in late November in Piazza Dei Signori, where culture and tradition intertwine in charm every year. Grab an Italian souvenir or sample some delicious mulled wine before your trip ends.

November in Italy
Ancient mingles with vintage at Verona city, Italy


The scenic mountain views of the Dolomites bring you into a memorable November in Italy. The winter starts setting in as November begins and welcomes you into a fun snowy adventure.

You can hike the breathtaking trails or go for a ski session as soon as the snow sets near the end of November. Enjoy some warm toasty time in your boutique hotel or savour some delicious cuisine in the mountain restaurants.

November in Italy
Breakfast at Cyprianerhof Hotel with the Dolomites in the background


Venice in November welcomes you into a captivating experience without the high temperatures and extreme crowds. You can enter into a once-in-a-lifetime experience in one of the tourist centres which stay open in the heart of November.

Take some stunning photos as you walk above the canals under the cloudy sky. Or hop in on a gondola ride when the rainy fog comes through for a breathtaking ride.

November in Italy
Postcard scenery of Venice’s canals

Festivities And Events During November In Italy

November in Italy is filled with many memorable and major festivals right amidst its uncrowdedness and Christmas preparations. Whether you’re looking to the melody-filled Roma Jazz festival or the religious La Festa De La Salute, November brings excitement.

Enjoy some high-end truffles and revel in celebrating the Italian fall harvest at the Alba White Truffle Festival. Or follow the chestnut path as you enjoy some mouth-tingling delicacies as Italian towns and villages rest in the heart of the chestnut harvest season.

Seasonal festivals
Alba White Truffle Festival

Just before you head out of Italy, grab some holiday feel with you or savour the mulled wine from the stunning Christmas market at the end of November. Hop in on some artistic exhibitions or enjoy the olive oils somewhere in Spello. The Mediterranean region surely has one of the best seasonal festivals around the globe. 

The Boutique Vibe’s Top Picks For Unforgettable Stays in Italy

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Historic building of Boutique Hotel Q92 in Noto, Sicily

Italy surely is one of the best autumn destinations in Europe around the Mediterranean sea. There’s a truckload of mesmerising events to welcome you to November in Italy, the problem becomes where to spend your visit, as every city has its perks. That’s also a good thing as wherever you choose brings fulfilment in adventure.